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Do you know any banks that do not charge monthly fees for not meeting minimum balance requirements? Or a recommendation of a good bank, period?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) June 18th, 2008
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I use a Credit Union. I’m on about 6 years without a problem. And they don’t have a minimum. Well, they actually do. I have to keep 5$ in my savings. My checking account can sit at a penny for a year and they don’t care (trust me on this).

I use and have never had any issues. They might not be in your area. But any credit union will probably give you a better service than a big national bank.

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actually I meant a business bank for a small business account, sorry!

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I bank at a local credit union as well. My minimum balance is $25 in savings; none in checking. Don’t have to worry about monthly fees, ‘cause I can’t touch that $25 till I close the account. Which I will never do. I do so love my credit union.

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Commerce Bank. I have a student banking account with them where i have no minimum balance and no yearly fees whatsoever. I like them because every time i walk in, they treat me nicely

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WaMu seems to have no fees.

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I deal with my credit union which is free but my Chase bank account charges for lack of use or too low of a balance.

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Commerce Bank is the best bank ever. I used to bank with them for years when I lived in Philadelphia. Then I moved to Durham, NC, where they have no Commerce Banks. The best bank we have been able to find here is SunTrust, and so far, we have experienced no problems. More nationwide banks like Bank of America and Wachovia are fee-whores.

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