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42 and Single?

Asked by treuprosperity (11points) June 18th, 2008

Where do you go when you haven’t dated for a while and don’t know where to go to be with others your age?

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I would focus on what you like. Find something that revolves around that.

For example: When I first moved to Portland I volunteered with FreeGeek and I met a really fantastic girl that I was with for a long time. We were both nerds and meshed well.

I would explore your interests and go from there. There is probably a group of like minded people out there.

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I agree with JohnPowell… focusing on your own interests not only increases the liklihood of meeting someone compatible; it also helps you stay occupied so that you aren’t dwelling on being single.

I just turned 42 and I have a son, so time and money were very limited. I tried Internet dating with the motto: High Standards, Low Expectations. I met some nice guys that way, including the man I am with now.

Regardless of how you meet, take your time to really get to know someone and move slowly. Any man worth knowing will respect your need for boundaries. There are a lot of fish in the sea, but most of them are single for a reason, so be prepared to deal with rejection… giving and taking it.

Good luck in your search!

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@Hearkat, great motto! I think I’ll take that one on myself.
Glad to hear it worked!

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My daughter, when she turned 41, was a year into being single, having ended a 20-year relationship. Being a skier, biker, hiker, and swimmer, she registered at and met a terrific, smart, laid-back and funny guy.

His only flaw is that he lives in Vancouver -3400 miles from home and hearth. But after testing the waters and the relationship, my daughter moved to BC and is waiting for a visa extension. No offense meant to Canadians; some of the family live in Seattle and SF. Unfortuately not our branch.

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