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Where is a good place or what is a good way to meet a nice man?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone


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go up to someone in a coffee shop and say “i couldnt help but notice you got the same drink as me” and go from there.

i have a trick when im talking to girls: “werent you in my _____ class last year?” if she says yes, then say “actually, my bad. i would have remembered right away if such a pretty lady was in my class.” if she says no, say “well in that case, nice to meet you. im _____. can i buy you a drink?”

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I need to find a nice man too. I’m tired of the mean ones.

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I’m nice.

I’m not available, but I’m nice.

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Anywhere but a bar. Love them, I do, but they’re more conducive to relations than relationships.
Also, watch out for guys with “lines.”
Sorry, Zack. :^)

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How about here amongst the jellies?

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i’m nice AND available… so what are all the women waiting for ?

i meet people by going to parties and just hitting the town, it’s a great way to meet other people and maintain social contacts, when i walk into a joint i have to say hi to about 20 people…. yeah ok, that has its downside too, haha

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Go to places that you have an interest in. If you like to read, go to bookstores or a library. If you like coffee, go to a coffee shop. If you like sports, go to local sports games. Do things you like and you’ll find people you like, too.

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Go folk dancing. Lotsa nice guys at the local folk dance.

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check out a busy bookstore or a busy mid-day place to eat. Dress nice and be confident.

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Repeating myself from another Q: Here’s a site my daughter used. It is for athletic people who also have brains (most of the time) She met a terrific, smart, laid-back and funny guy.

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@Mtl_zack You must be cute and have a great smile or a line like that wouldn’t work!

The best place to meet nice guys is to go where guys (not women) go. Consider a car, gun, fishing or outdoor show. Look for one of those classic car rallies.

Another option is a hiking or kayaking or canoeing group.

Good luck.

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i do have a nice smile (or so im told), but i never really tried it out. im not as adventurous as the next guy. but i did come up with it by myself (no internet help, etc…).

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You can meet people anywhere, it’s just a matter of getting the nerve up to talk to them. My husbend and I worked together, that’s how we met, but before that I met people everywhere.
Bookstores, malls, restaurants, the beach, etc. It’s all a matter of keeping an eye out and talking to people.

Maybe have your friends introduce you to some of their friends that they think are nice.

Meeting people at bars and clubs probably isn’t the best way to find a nice guy, but sometimes they are out there.

The point is to just get out there. Go places. Or, stop looking all together because that’s usually when the nice guy magically appears. :)

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the coffee shop is a great option, the book store, or the library, never ever do such thing in a bar/disco/pub, a lounge is also a good option, the dry cleaner (a girl picked me up there), don’t you ever consider the dating serice mmm… what else, a nice fashion store (another girl picked me there too) Small advice, don’t you ever make something up, like what time is it, or i think we were to ___ together, just find the guy, smile, say Hi, after he says hi, say I’m (insert your name here) and then go on automatic pilot, you don’t have to pretend anything to meet a guy, just be yourself and the good one will fall :)

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