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What do you think of these?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) June 18th, 2008

i made these shoes and i want to see if people from around the nation/world like them. give me your idea on what i should change and what not..dont be to mean im a softy

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The first two are nice.

The first one, however, needs much better lettering. Practice getting somewhat even letters or, if you’re going for the not-all-the-same-size look, try and get a flow to your letters (the style parts of an old post of mine might help). Until you can drop some solid lettering just stick to the abstract designs.

I love the colours on the second one. It would be really interesting to see it with more variety of sizes of cloud-thingys (though the dots are a nice touch). Try having some overlap and maybe cluster some of the smaller dots together.

You can also benefit from playing with your colours. For instance, on the second one I think since its already popping with the contrast in pink and yellow to black you could do some larger shapes underneath in a very dark blue. On the other hand, you could go all out and do bright colours that compliment (blue/orange, yellow/purple, etc.)

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I don’t meaning I wouldn’t pay for them but that’s my opinion

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the first were the best

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I think the second pair is the nicest – I like the colours.
The third was nice, but seemed a bit like an Irish tourist souvenir.
The first one was pretty cool too, nice squiggles.

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I don’t like the colors much. They’re very simple. The distribution of
bits of paint is very uniform on all of them – perhaps could be bolder. For example, the Nike swoosh is very dominant because the other paint is so demure, but it has
nothing to do with the new design. That one I think is least successful.

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the sencond ones where the best i think and sure i would wear them. but i think the last pair needs something else. something is missing .

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