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Is it okay to clip a dogs ears?

Asked by buster (10239points) June 18th, 2008

I have never felt the need to do it to my dogs. Isn’t that kinda cruel? Is there a reason people do this?

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From what I understand they clip the ears (and tails) of some breeds solely for aesthetic reasons. A lot of people think it’s incredibly cruel and selfish. And a lot of people don’t.

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I used to assist in ear cropping surgeries when I was younger. I am so very glad people aren’t doing it as much. It is literally cutting off almost half of the ear, and very painful. It is for cosmetic purposes only. I think it’s a terrible thing to do.

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No It is cruel and unessacary.

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my dog that I recued had its ear tagged and she ripped it out so she has a smash chunk missing from her ear

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If you mean ear croppng, I am opposed. If a dog has droopy ears like a lot of field and hunting dogs, the ear flap serves to keep insects, pollen and other foreign matter out of the ear when the dog is in the fields or woods.

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There is no medical reason to crop ears or dock tails. It’s a needless surgical procedure that is done and weeks of taping the ears (which is usually very painful) so that, hopefully, the ears stand erect. I think it is actually illegal to do it in Europe. I wish it was the same here. Unfortunately, animal welfare doesn’t get alot of attention here in the states.

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would it be okay to clip your ears?

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My family had red dobermans while I was growing up. We never cropped their ears, but we followed both the veterinarian and breeder suggestions to dock their tails based on this argument. Of course, that was back in the ‘70’s and 80’s. However, there is a preponderance of medical evidence today that cosmetic docking is unnecessary. Scotland, South Africa and other countries have actually made the practice illegal.

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IMHO, no. Unless you a professional dog handler who will show at AKC type events, why put a dog through all of that pain needlessly?

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No it is not. It is illegal in many other countries, as is tail docking. Cant imagine why anyone would want to do it.

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