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Does anyone take this supplement?

Asked by Headhurts (4497points) July 18th, 2013

I was thinking of trying Green Coffee Bean supplements. Since I’ve hit 34 I have been struggling to stay at a good weight. One bad day and the lbs go on!
They are quite expensive, so I just wondered if anyone has tried them with positive results?


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There are no magical weight-loss pills. It’s calories in – calories out. If you want to loose weight there’s no getting around diet and exercise, everything else is just a different version of a scam that’s been going on for hundreds of years. People used to deliberately eat tapeworms to loose weight so green coffee bean supplements are pretty tame comparatively. Save your money and go for a brisk 15 minute walk everyday.

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I don’t want to lose weight. Just help prevent weight gain. I have finally got to 115lb. Obviously less would be good, but I’m stuck here. I just find if I eat something bad, the weight goes on. I exercise 4 times a week and walk 40 minutes a day anyway.

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When you eat something bad the temporary weight gain is probably mostly water. One bad meal, gain weight for a day or two, then if you go right back to healthy eating it should come off in a day. No pill will change it. You consume more salt the body holds onto a little more water balancing electrolytes in the body, crucial for your health. Also, if it is a big meal that literally weighs more if you put it on a scale, you will weigh more while that food is in your body. If you are a woman there will be fluctuations if you are still menstruating, and if you are like me the time you are most likely to cheat on your diet is around your period when lots of things influence weight gain.

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It has caffeine, so most of the effects will be because of that alone. You’ve probably had a bit of caffeine in your life, do you enjoy that “stimulated” feeling? If so, it’s not a horrible way to speed up your metabolism, and it will do that, but there are cheaper sources of caffeine if the costs are an issue.

I understand the rest below isn’t in answer to your question, but might be helpful

One question I always try to keep in mind when I’m considering a supplement is how long do I want to use it? If you’re not looking to lose weight, but want to use this to maintain your current weight, when will you stop taking it? Is this something you want to take forever? 10 years? Just give it a try?

For me that always puts possible benefits in perspective. If it’s not something I would want in my life long term, why is it a good idea short term? If I don’t have a good answer to that question then there’s probably a solution that fits me better (and usually isn’t a pill).

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I do not take supplements.

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No, but we get a lot of spammers on here advertising it, so I figure if people have to push something so hard, it’s probably worthless…

Why do you want to be under 115 pounds? Did your doctor tell you that’s what you should do?

Sounds like you have a good exercise routine already.

Just stop eating junk food, and you’ll never have those “bad days.” It sounds impossible when you are used to thinking of it as food, but it’s not food! I haven’t eaten junk/processed food or candy for over a month and it doesn’t even appeal to me anymore. I’ve probably lost weight just thanks to that.

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One’s weight can vary by five or so lbs. daily depending on contents of intestines, bladder, stomach, time of the month for women, and all the variables that contribute to life over a 24 hr. cycle.

If your average weight is constant, why obsess about a few lbs? Life is more fun if you don’t. What is so magical about 115 lbs. and so onerous about 121 lbs?

If you feel content much of the time and are happy with your exercise program, which sounds enviable, why not move on to other more pleasurable activities?

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@bookish1 I don’t want to lose weight. I want to maintain it.

@gailcalled I know. You are so right, as normal . I used to be very big during my teens, and I think it has just made me paranoid about gaining weight.

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Don’t throw away your money.

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It’s bullshit.

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I walk as much as I can – it’s like using a treadmill for free. I take stairs as much as I can – it’s like using a Stairmaster for free.

And I carefully watch what I eat, which limits how much I spend on food.

=> low cost weight control

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