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What harm could a hacker do if they hack your Google glasses?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) July 18th, 2013

What mayhem could a hacker wreak on your senses if you were wearing the Google glasses and the miscreant gained access to your connection?

How long till the net is jacked directly into our own neural net? How then will we avoid hackers? Just think of the noise in your head if some enemy launched a distributed denial of service attack directly inside your brain.

Can you imagine a botnet army of hacked virtual zombies unleashed on the world to act out the hacker’s wildest, hate-filled fantasies? Can computer security keep up in the Spy Vs. Spy world?

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Oh gawd… they could force me to watch My Little Pony reruns! A fate worse than death.

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They could give you a shitty “Outlook” on life.

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They might cause you to miss the advertisement and discount coupons being sent to you by the store you happened to walk by.

I’ve heard that people walking around wearing G glasses are called ‘Glassholes’. Very fitting.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies, @rojo and @LuckyGuy I knew this question would elicit answers that would leave me laughing out loud and you guys sure came through. Thanks, and @LuckyGuy, great name to add to my lexicon.

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Much of the chat about hacked google glass seems to be regarding siphoning off the video and sound streams, spying on you. Depending on how careful you are of where you are when they are turned on some of the recording could be embarrassing.
And if hackers are that far into your google glass they could probably scrape info from any transactions you make and they could tell what web sites you visit or reference while walking around.

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We could be very embarrassed if they publicized the porn we’re watching.

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