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Has anyone else had problems with their XBox 360?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) June 18th, 2008

I got an XBox 360 for Christmas and two months ago the red ring of death occured. I have been experiencing a customer service nightmare with Microsoft but what I am wondering is for those of you who own one have you encountered any problems?

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I’ve sent mine off twice. Thankfully, I haven’t had any customer service nightmares. I also had to send my Zune off, and that was painless.

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I had problems with the Red Ring of Death, when I had the intercooler connected behind it. But once I took it off, I was good. My 360 elite hasn’t given me any issues.

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I think your question should go more along the lines of ‘Has anyone not had problems with their XBox 360?’

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mine is still okay, but i keep it very open on my desk, i mean in ventilation terms

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I’m on console number 3 and there customer service is quite frankly shite! The service of sending u a new console is fine but the retards on the other end of the phone are ridiculous! My last one was overheating so the guy on the other end if the phone asked me to sit in the phone and play with the hard drive removed! WTF difference is that gona make!?? He couldn’t tell me either! Took an hr to sort on the phone

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I had a problem with my drive. Not the RRoD. Sent it off and had it back in less then two weeks. It was very painless. I did buy the extended warranty however.

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Crappy design, bad hardware, many problems

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do you actually own one or just saying what the internet tells you ?

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@ iwamoto

Owned too many and took every one of them (3) apart after the warranty died to try to assess the issue.

I personally enjoy it, very much or I would not keep buying it.

And you have to see that if a system like this fails on such an epic scale across the world then there is something inherently wrong in it, namely the initial design before production, and the hardware (whatever the problem may be).

I don’t think being insulting or sarcastic to a person makes your point any more intelligent looking either.

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I have RROD’d 3 times. And everytime it takes 1+month to get the new box. My friend’s RROD’d 6 times (and has been replaced 6 times), but he has finally just gone to carpet emailing the CEO’s/higher ups until they sent him a new one and not a refurbished one.

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My third and current one was brand new, made only the week before I recieved it! Also got a free month on live! I deserved it after all the crap, plus I suspect my call had been heard by a supervisor or somit! I lost it with that guy! Not a violent person but if I had been in a shop I would have knocked the guy out!! :-)

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Mine got the RRoD, called up Microsoft, the next day FedEx picked it up got it back a week later. I was completely satisfied and experienced an above average and expectations customer support from their side.

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there customer support has gotten better but not by muchi havent had any problems with mine but i built an external fan out of a computer powersupply and computer fans but my friend had to send his in and all they did was put a new fan in and a new hook up jack cuz it overheatede and melted

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