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Who's got 10k mojo?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) July 18th, 2013

It’s rojo! What a great jelly! Welcome to the mansion, sir!

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Outstanding job, @rojo. You add so much to this community with your well considered answers and provocative questions. A warm welcome to the mansion to you.

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Rojo strides across the 10k finish line!
Winner takes all!

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Yo yo @rojo, way to go Bro!

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There’s a private beer cellar with a stein for each beer lover in the mansion. Welcome and Congratulations! You’ll fit in very nicely.

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Congrats. As self appointed treasurer of the mansion, there is a special this month. Instead of the usual 10,000 fee to move in, we are only charging 5000 this month! Yea!!! Or you can pay it in a lovely fresh pina colada for me and we can call it even. Your choice.
Welcome to the mansion.

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Yay!!! Congrats! It seems like you’ve been here longer than 10k!

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go go @rojo!

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Good for you. Congrats on 10 K.

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Oh hells YEEEEAH, way to go homie! :) Keep it up and cheers man. :D

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Get out the Mexican trumpet band, paint the mansion ROJO/RED and welcome Rojo! Congrats!!!!!

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Congratulations! and Ho’omaikai!

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Yea, @rojo! Congratulations to such a fine jelly.

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@rojo That is simply elegant.

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You GO, Rojo! Congrats on the 10K! The mansion is now a bit more Rojo-ish!

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Congo Rats rojo! You rock! (Wow, it’s been awhile since we had an achievement party!

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It’s a red-letter, day! Rojo es magnifico! I’ve made extra spicy picante sauce in your honor.

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Congrats rojo. A fine addition to the mansion! You’ll give the place some class.

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Rojo Mojito anyone ?? ( Going round the Mansion with serving tray)

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@Adirondackwannabe What, my cucumber porn star isn’t classy enough for you? lol
Fine, I’ll replace her with cucumber guy.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Well done and welcome to the mansion! Enjoy your stay. :~)

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a red letter day indeed. congrats rojo!

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Kongratu1ati0ns, @rojo!!!

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Congrats! I brought cookies, but apparently @cprevite already ate them all!

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Well…now that @rojo is in the winners circle there is nothing else to do but stud him out. lol

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This morning, about 7:15 am I stopped for gas. On the opposite side of the pump was a woman, mid to late 20’s, crying. She was not sobbing, just standing there, pumping gas into her silver Accord with tears streaming down her face. She was on her way to or from somewhere, neatly dressed in a skirt, blouse and open jacket , low heels, bejeweled with a necklace of colored stones with a matching bracelet. Gold hooped earrings dangled from within her dark, windblown hair. Her makeup was obviously done in front of a mirror and not hurriedly in the car although her eyeliner had run slightly from the tears.She had that faraway look in her eyes, staring without seeing, her thoughts travelling on their own path. As I stood there wondering if I should ask if she was ok, the pump clicked to a stop and she came back into the world of the mundane. She saw me for the first time and smiled wanly as she slid back in behind the wheel of her car.She brushed the hair out of her face and looking in the rearview mirror carefully wiped the tears from her cheeks. She looked over at me one more time before she drove off and although she smiled, I could see that the tears had started up again.I have been imagining the possible scenarios that had occurred prior to our chance meeting and where she went afterward.What are your thoughts?

She was crying tears of joy, because you, @rojo made it into the 10K mansion!

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Way to go, @rojo! I lurve your contributions here. There’s a red door at the mansion for you and I promise not to paint it black.

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Welcome to the 10K Mansion. 10K Cheers & Congratulations!

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♫ You are the champion, my friend. No time for losers cuz @rojo’s the champion….

Of the world! ♫

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@Blueroses lol that was awesome

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Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper !

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Congratulations! Great job.

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Congratulations on 10k! :o)(<

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