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With 21st-century weapons technology, which dinosaurs would be most dangerous?

Asked by mattbrowne (31724points) July 19th, 2013

We all know the movie Jurassic park. Being on an island and having limited access to weapons makes the T-Rex, for example, very dangerous.

Now let’s suppose the dinosaurs live on all continents in the 21st century (secret experiment gone awry). They sometimes kill humans, often they kill animals, including our livestock. The United Nations decide that dinosaurs need to be wiped out again.

I think killing the T-Rex will be easy using helicopters and rockets. With the right weapons these giants won’t pose a serious threat.

So which species of dinosaurs do?

Which are the most dangerous ones in such a scenario?

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Land based ones, not so much.
People need to be reminded that Dinosaurs are not these near invincible monsters that movies portray them as.
They are animals, and accordingly easy to kill.
You could easily take down a T-Rex with an appropriately powered rifle. No need for helicopters or rockets. Have you seen anyone hunt elephants with RPGs?
The only thing that would give you moderate problems is dense and thick plant life that the dinosaurs can hide in.

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The same thing with monster movies. Take the latest one, ‘Pacific Rim’.
There you have house high monsters fighting giant mecha.
The thing is, the monsters are weak to being punched and being cut with a giant sword.
If they are weak to punching and swords, they would be total toast when fired upon with modern military weaponry. Movies always seem to severely underestimate the destructive power of modern military weaponry.

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A T-Rex is a lot bigger than an elephant. What kind of rifle would be powerful enough?

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This for example:
And I think even that is overkill. Dinosaurs are not covered with kevlar or steel plates, but skin, and meat. And I doubt their bones are made from Neutronium either.

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@ragingloli makes a great suggestion. The M82 will penetrate an engine block. It travels so fast and with so much kinetic energy it explodes 55 gallon drums of water. That will disrupt the internal hydraulic plumbing of any DNA based life form.
And they are for sale at the gun shop in my area. Even I have to say that is Incredible.

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I am disappointed after reading this questions. I thought you were asking which dinosaurs were the most dangerous if they were armed with 21st century weapons. I was picturing the most cheesy B movie of the decade.

I would say the T-Rex would be the most dangerous with a loaded machine gun, because I think those little hands could actually work it.

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@keobooks The image of a T-rex with it’s claws around a Browning made me laugh. :Thanks! :-)

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@keobooks – Sorry for having disappointed you.

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@keobooks thats exactly what I was thinking too. Thankfully I don’t think any of them were smart enough.

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