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Need screen capture tool for Mac with...

Asked by LaMaison (72points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone

…the capability to capture long web pages into image files.

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grab is a utility built into OSx. Try that.

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Yep, I use Paparazzi (Breefield’s link) routinely. Great program, does exactly what you’re describing.

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You da man Bree!

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The problem is that if the page is behind a login or something it prolly won’t get captured :/ But I haven’t tried.

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Ive used Paparazzi as well and loved it. I also use SnapzPro ( which is very powerful and has more capabilties but cost 69.99. For video presentations I also use Screenflow which is amazing

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@breefield, that’s perfect, well almost. Back in my of days on Windows, before I got smart, had an app called SnagIt, it was too good for the PC. It could capture any window on in the OS with long contents, it would just scroll the window while it captured.

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