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Has anyone found any natural hairloss products that actually work?

Asked by cheezpleez (1points) June 18th, 2008
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I heard that Biotin vitamins help. Try not to stress about it too much. It’s a part of life and you have to learn to live with it.

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thanks for your response- tried it. did nothing

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Have you seen a doctor? You might want to ask about checking your Thyroid?

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Yes. The best product I used was called Phyto. I found some of the product online at Sephora. I’m sure this will give you some ideas and you can probably do more of a search for the complete line online as well. I was on a medication that caused the hair loss—and it treally helped.

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yes. They just think its natural hairloss. Did blood tests. Nothing abnormal.

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thanks. Once you stopped the meds- did the hairloss reverse?

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Didn’t someone just ask this one page ago? (or are we asking about not losing hair?) (if its about slowing/ceasing the loss of hair… I do have some excellent advise… Just let me finish cooking dinner and i’ll write it up.)

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iam asking about how not to lose hair

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thanks- enjoy your dinner!

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Here’s some good (altho discouraging) and accurate advice and info from The Mayo Clinic.

Are you male or female?

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thanks. Im female

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I know friends mothers who have had problems with hair loss and have success with stopping the use of shampoo. I know it sounds crazy, but it makes sense.

Here’s a great site on it:

Here’s an excellent explanation of it all:
“It’s just not good to put a bunch of nasty chemicals on your hair all the time. Your hair produces it’s own natural oils, which make it shiny all on it’s own if you don’t wash them out and replace them with conditioner. The only things I put in my hair are vinegar, baking soda, and olive or coconut oil.

Most of the time I just add some vinegar to a cup of water and dip my hair in it before pouring it (slowly) over my head. I do it about once a week and I’m good to go. If my hair gets oily, I do some baking soda in water before the vinegar in water. If my hair is dry, I rub a tiny big of coconut oil through the ends the day before I vinegar. Once or twice a year, I do an egg for deep conditioning.

When you start doing this it takes a little extra effort. You’re used to just slapping on shampoo and conditioner, not looking at your hair and seeing what it needs. At first your hair might get oily (mine didn’t, but people say it does), but it will adjust.”

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Interesting. Does it work for all types of hair? Hair that easily gets frizzy?

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Actually, its supposed to make curly/frizzy hair really defined and pretty. It takes a few days, but its supposed to make curls actually do what they’re supposed to.

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