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Is it bad for a dog to eat a few matches?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) June 18th, 2008

Is it bad for a dog to eat a few matches? My dog just ate some, should I be worried. They were the cardboard kind.

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Is there a vet hospital/urgent care you could call? If so I’d call, just to make sure. I think your dog will be fine, though. Food and water will help.. Your doggy will eventually poop them out!!!

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Much better question than this

Sorry about the dog and I hope that he is fine. Did he chew them or just bolt them down?
TheHaight: well-said.

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I think chewed the tips off of some and ate a few

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Call vet now. Get off the computer.

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Are you a vet? Ive been given wrong info before. Will he be ok?

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I found this on Yahoo Answers: “Yes, he (her dog) did just eat a box of matches, so I quickly called the vet and she asked how big the matches box was. It was around 3 inches (the tiny ones) and had about 5 to 10 matches inside. Plus, I found a few around my couch. She said to feed him lots of water and he’ll probably vomit or poo it out.”

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The dog will be fine unless it’s named “Sparky.”

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As long as he doesnt fart alot. ***POOF***

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if the matches were lit your in for some bad episodes with kharma.

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Haha.. dogs.

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Update? Is the dog ok?

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My dog raided the bin before and ate matches and all sortsa stuff!! Think he had a coupla jaggy poops but was fine! ;-)

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Update: dog is currently fine after 10 hours after consumption. Yet to poop them out.

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why did you let your dog eat matches?

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i didn’t let it. It jumped on chair and got them off of a counter top while I was resting. When I saw him eating them I took them away.

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I read an article about a woman who ate cigarette sandwiches in her sleep.

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