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Does/has anyone ever cared what the current homeland "security level" color is?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone

So why do they broadcast it on repeat in the airports?

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I noticed that this weekend too, it was a little too creepy for me. Like they’re trying to instill fear.

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I have never had confidence in the validity of the system (which color means what) or the quality of the intelligence they get.

I have limited means to make preparations, because if there is a threat, you can bet your boots they won’t provide details on the type of threat.

I tend to be very observant of my surroundings anyway so, no, I do not pay attention.

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It’s all fear based. Put the fear in us just to cover their asses (just in case).

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It’s all bullshit anyway, I pay zero attention to it.

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I don’t know if there’s domestic education as to what the colours mean and what one should do but as a Canadian I found it needlessly perplexing. Last month on a trip to Chicago it was orange! We were all like “that’s one below red!”

I was so freaked out I forgot to take off my shoes through security.

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They broadcast it in airports? That is news to me. There must be a election coming up.

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i was in the airport a few weeks ago and they raised it to orange. What does that mean. Did someone take to much hand lotion onto a plane that was not in a zip-lock baggy. I think its as dumb as some of the power hungry TSA people.

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It’s an embarrassment to our nation, take a look at the safety products to go along with it in catalogs like Lab Safety

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I don’t understand how they get their data to change the colors from day to day. It’s almost like a weather report (and we know how reliable those are). I think it’s silly. If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen no matter what color the day is, so live for today!

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I made sure last time I was in an airport, that everytime I was near a TSA employee, I turned to the person next to me an said loudly, “you know who else had a dept of homeland security? Hitler”

Its all a joke. All to add fear.

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It’s not new. Been broadcast at Denver International ever since the system was put in place.

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@tvilot nice to meet a fellow Denver citizen

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