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If I happened to have a rifle with me and saw a drone I would shoot it down for free.

I would be pissed if my taxes went to rewarding people for shooting them down. I’m sure the schools in Deer Trail need the money more. But that is actually the clever part. I doubt anyone in Deer Trail has ever actually seen a drone. So they collect 25 bucks from the 280 idiots that live there and can get a permit.

The thing that worries me is someone that mistakes a small manned Cessna for a drone and starts shooting at it. You just know it is going to happen.

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Why shoot it down? I would remotely hack it, force it to land, then arm it with hellfire missiles.
I would then use the drones armed with hellfire missiles to hunt rednecks.

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@ragingloli Do you have some hellfire missiles?

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I would have if the government really respected the 2nd amendment!

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Difficult, when they fly so high you can’t see them.

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Just the stupidest idea ever . All those rednecks shooting up in the sky “Uncle Joe” style. And all the pellets falling down. Yep, its a fact they all come back down. Its just a protest law, not to be taken seriously. Having said that if one was low enough it would be tempting. Just don’t let the camera see your face after you find it. Not all drones are in the nosebleed altitude. Be a dumb idea to even think about collecting a reward.

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Hilarious. That is a brilliant combination of fundraiser and publicity stunt and should not be taken seriously. Apparently the nonsense works as evidenced by our discussion here.

A “real” redneck would jes’ pop one o dem sons a bitches for free using No.4 shot from the ole 1100.

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I was thinkin plated 00 or Flite Control

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I think the funny part is the Justice? Dept warning us it’s against the law.

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Eh Christ. People would go crazy.
Now this really isn’t related to this and I apologize for the deviance but…how the hell do you shoot down a drone? Don’t they fly high enough that you would need some anti aircraft artillery? Unless you caught them landing or leaving. I mean you’d have to be some kind of crazy ass sniper to actually be able to bring one down from the sky. I know they may not be as sturdy as normal planes, but damn…

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@Symbeline Some kinds of drones are less sophisticated than those predator drones we see in the news and are low enough to hear or maybe even see. But still even those would need a lucky hit I presume. Shotgun loads tend to lose their energy when they go up much further than birds and solid projectiles will come back down and maybe hit people but also a solid projectile is not for hitting flying objects. Not out of weapons that we can legally have. Someone with skills with AR-15 with tracer ammunition might be able to pull it off, Or several en mass gunning away but damn all that lead dropping back down could be a problem. I think the drones are safe.

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Drones used by local police forces are usually low flying, multi-rotor types like this one . They are slow and do not go very high. All it takes is one pellet of #4 shot to hit one of the rotors and the carbon fiber blade will break, throwing the device out of balance, sending it to the ground – and the police to your door. You can safely call the experience a Pyrrhic victory.

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Don’t put your name on the ammo. The drone won’t know squat. Just don’t go near it when you splash one. I can do with out that cheap ass reward. I wouldn’t walk across the street for a hundred bucks but seeing one of those things drop would be worth it, totally.

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