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People with babies between 18-24 months, how much do they eat?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m asking this because I have my 21 mo old baby boy, he likes some chicken, bread, potatoes, spaghetti, loves apples, but I wish I could eat more, how bout your babies?

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They are picky eaters, but at that age they need 5 small meals/snacks. Every child is different and one may eat more than the other. They go through stages, so don’t force them to eat. When they do eat they will stop once they are full. If you are worried that he isn’t getting enough nutrition in his diet you can always get him the Pediasure drinks.

Don’t worry too much. He will be eating the rest of his life.

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Sounds like a fairly healthy diet to me. My 21 month old son is like that too. We try to make sure that he eats plenty of fruits (i.e. bananas, strawberries, blueberries) and vegatables (peas, carrots, corn, broccoli) daily however. In addition, we don’t allow him to have a “special” meal. He either eats what we eat, or nothing. He gets the message, and eats what he feels like. We don’t push it.

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You have to teach them young to eat everything. Like shilolo said they have to eat what the meal is. If they don’t want to eat it that’s fine, but they don’t get anything else. Sounds mean, but they will eventually learn that’s the meal.

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Well, most of the time he eats what we eat, sometimes I just name some soup, he likes anything with tomato, but he isn’t losing any weight at least, its just that I think he should be eating more, but as you say, every kid is different… Thank you all!!

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I have to children, and from experience I can tell you that they can have some pretty bizzare eating habits. My two year old son will sometime not want to eat anything all day, wakes up the next day and starts munching on any food he gets his hands on. It’s all about what you eat. If they watch you eating something, and they see that you’re enjoying it, so will they.

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The less pressure around food the better. Give them lots of options—especially food that you enjoy, and let them eat what they want. Don’t get worried over food—it’s one of the traps of our society.

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