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Is justice a luxury?

Asked by Strauss (20488points) July 22nd, 2013

This morning I heard a review of a book entitled Hour of the Red God by Richard Crompton. In one passage one of the characters states,

“Justice is a luxury. Peace is a necessity. You want justice, move to some first-world state with sophisticated crime labs and DNA tests and judges who can’t be bought off.”

It seems to me that justice can sometimes be considered a luxury in first-world countries where court costs and legal fees make the court system unavailable to many.

Is justice a luxury? Is it a luxury only in developing or collapsed economies/countries? Or is it a luxury worldwide?

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Nothing is cheaper than mob justice.

Legal justice that mimics moral justice as precisely as possible is indeed a luxury.

Westerners often enough do not appreciate the relative security that their justice system provides them. The fact that you can occasionally find flaws in it, does not diminish it’s value as a civilization advancement.

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Legal justice are quite different from moral justice.
Legal justice is not such easy thing to realize although it seems not in a complete mess.
To the moral one, everyone have different standard, it is even harder then the legal one.

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