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If you live in a subdivision where the houses all have two car garage; are there still cars parked all over the street?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) July 22nd, 2013

Do most people not keep all their cars in the garage?

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Usually more than two drivers live there and most people use their garages for storage from all I’ve seen.

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Our neighborhood is full of rentals where several employed people all live in one house, and each one has a car.

The garages are all full of stuff that people used to keep in their attic in the old days, but subdivision houses don’t have attics.

Now they are parking travel trailers in the driveways and renting them out as well. We have four trailers with people living just in a one block area.

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The garage is used for storage and all the children age 16 and above have their own cars.

What ever happened to driving mom and dad’s car until you could afford to pay for your own?

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My garage houses a well used shop. I do woodwork and auto repairs out of it. I use it every day. Any messy job is handled there. Lawn tools and bicycle out back in the shed.

Driveway has one car and one RV. Now brother and mother have come to live with me. They park on the street. I’d say it’s about 50/50 for the rest of the neighbors, parking on the street when they have a driveway, and or garage.

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I have a 2 car attached garage that only has a car in it when I am working on one or painting. I also have a 30×40 ft pole barn. That houses 5 motorcycles and an early 70s muscle car.
All other cars (3) are parked in the driveway. On-street parking is not permitted here since the road is so narrow.

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In my old neighborhood, every house had a two car garage. Hardly anyone actually parked their cars in them, though some people kept one car in there. Most families had two or more cars in the driveway. At our house, we started out parking in the garage but it didn’t last long. It was actually more trouble than it was worth, unless it was snowy/rainy. Too small to move around in comfortably when getting in and out of the car, especially if you had small kids and/or groceries. These days, my ex-husband keeps his motorcycle in there, all the kids bikes and scooters, an extra fridge and freezer, and boat accessories. There’s no room in it for cars!

@harangutan When both parents work and public transportation isn’t an option, older kids need their own cars in order to get jobs or participate in after school/non-school stuff.

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About half of the houses in our subdivision have two-car garages and they all still park in the road. It’s annoying, because they’ll park directly across from another car parked in the street and you have to go 2mph to make sure you don’t hit one of them. We have a one-car garage that we don’t park in, two cars, and we still don’t park in the street. Luckily, though, we’re in the culdesac, so we wouldn’t be in anyone’s way if we did. Parking in the road is actually against our HOA regulations according to a letter we just received. Not sure how they could enforce that, though, if people have more cars than they have space.

@YARNLADY All of the homes in subdivisions here have attics. Ours does, and I’ve never been in a home without one.

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@livelaughlove21 Most attics in modern houses are not usable space Like the old fashion ones used to be

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Yes, and I hate it. All the houses in my subdivision have rear-entry 2-car garages, yet despite HOA rules expressly prohibiting front parking except by visitors, many of my neighbors leave their cars and clunker trucks on the street. Besides being unsightly, it’s unsafe because the street is very narrow; navigating it with with cars parked on both sides, especially at night, can be a real challenge.

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Try this on, next door neighbor, with two car garage, has a utility trailer for hauling motorcycles, Harley motorcycle, Cadillac XLR 2005, Cadillac STS 2007, 30 foot Camping trailer, 2011 VW Bug Convertible, Hummer H3 and recently moved off property a Vietnam Era deuce and half troop transport. Oh, there is the gas powered golf cart for touring the neighborhood and there are two riding lawn mowers in the pole barn behind the garage. The lot is just under a half acre.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I don’t like the rear entry garage set up for the most part. What I don’t like is all the narrow back alley roads, and then also the front roads usually are fairly narrow. I know the idea is front porches and people out in the neighborhood, but I don’t see that happen more in rear load than front or side.

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@JLeslie, our alleyways are paved and wide—this is a fairly new subdivision—and I love having a detached, rear-entry garage—but to each his own, right?

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Aghh! Thank you for asking this question. In this Memphis neighborhood, every house has a two-car garage. I seem to be one of the few that actually use the garage to store their car when not in use. The rest park in the driveway and/or on the street. Why is this?

While driving or walking through the neighborhood, I can’t help but peek into open garages to find out what is lurking in there that prevents the owners from storing their car in there when not in use. Not spotted so far hold enough belongings to prevent it from being used it as it was intended. Why on earth would they expose such a valuable object to the elements such as sun, rain and tornadoes?

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Never on street unless a party or meeting. We all have fairly long driveways though.

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