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How old were your kids when they started sleeping in their own beds?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone
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From birth on…. My husband had two daughters from a previous marriage. He learned from experience. I would have been the type to have her sleep with me tip whenever… But I reluctantly at the time listened to jim. I am so glad I did. My niece is almost four,ans my sister in law has to go to sleep with her on her bed every night. She sneaks out in the middle of the night. When Emma wakes up in the middle of the night,it is off to mommy and daddy’s bed. They are all miserable. I think the earlier they sleep alone, the better for everyone. Just because they don’t sleep with you does not mean you don’t love them. Love them alot all daylong ! Kiss them goodnight and put them in their own bed .

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By themselves in a crib or bassinet? The day they came home from the hospital.

In a bed, with maybe some detachable rails on the side to keep them from rolling off, 24 to 30 months.


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The first couple of months she slept in a protable crib in our room. Since then she sleeps in her own room.

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Well, I don’t have kids, but I have five (soon to be six) younger siblings, so…

My mom doesn’t trust cribs, so she sleeps with each of her children until they were about a year and a half old. Why? So she didn’t have to worry about getting up to breastfeed or us suffocating in the middle of the night. After us kids “came of age” we would sleep in our own bedrooms; our parents, of course, check up on us until we are about three.

Due to lack of space, some of my siblings have to sleep with one another, so… Yeah. ^-^

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@iCeskate…one word:creepy.

My kids have always slept in their own beds. There is a school of thought that the longer a child sleeps on the parents’ bed, the more comfortable the child becomes in a position of authority within the family. They are elevated to a status equal to the parents (at least on the child’s mind) and power struggles are more intense and frequent. Interesting, and I have seen it played of. I, however, just didn’t like the idea of sleeping with my kid in the place reserved for my fun!

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I’m guessing she misunderstood the question.

I mean “hoping.”

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She slept between us for 6 months, really for ease of breast feeding, but after that, not one night. In her own crib so Mama and Daddy can have their own time – can’t stress how important that is!!

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