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What's a good basic household toolbox?

Asked by zina (1661points) June 19th, 2008

I’m looking to find a good solid kit of a toolbox full of the usual tools.

Obviously I could go to a hardware store and ask, but it’s midnight and I’m busy and I’d like to find something online.

Even info on a good store/website, good brand, or what should be in it would be useful.

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you just need basic hammer, screw drivers, ratchet, pliars (spelled wrong), tape measure, etc. Just basic tools like these are found in basic kits at Home Depot and Lowes. Guestimated cost of $35

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They have an online store, and a number of brick-and-mortar stores in CA. I frequent their stores as an alternative to the big H.D. stores; they tend to be less expensive, and pretty well stocked for tools.

As for what tools, well, being a homeowner, I’ve just acquired tools as the job calls for them over the years.

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Don’t buy cheap tools. There is a reason they are cheap. They break and they fuck up the stuff you are trying to fix. I usually go with Craftsman for most tools. They are a good blend of quality and affordability. And the warranty is amazing.

If Sears site was working right now I would give you a link to a good starter kit. If it comes back up I will add a response.

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Thanks – Sears website is working for me, and scrolling through 900+ options I’d love your tips on a good starter box!!

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jp is right on the Craftsman recommendation. I’m still using tools I bought 25 years ago with only one failure, which Sears replaced without a problem.

The 32 pc. set has the basics. The smaller sets are lacking pliers.

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I have tools that my father collected, starting in the 1940’s. They are wonderful – I would add a small sledge hammer, a level, and an electric drill with a collection of different sized drill bits.

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I always keep a hammer, a butter knife, and a roll of duct tape near at hand.

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