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Could anyone help me work this out regards my National Insurance number - UK?

Asked by LornaLove (9931points) July 25th, 2013

I have recently relocated to the UK as I have lived abroad most of my adult life. I have been trying to get my National Insurance Number it appeared that I did not have one. Finally I was sent to a head office to try and find it, quite prepared to apply for a new one.

When I got there it appeared that I have been ‘deleted’. This is strange? My brothers were there so were my parents. My one brother is deceased as are my parents.

Why would I have been deleted?

I ask because, when I questioned the staff regards this they seemed very puzzled. Until I mentioned that when my mother was suffering dementia like symptoms she mentioned that I had a twin that they had given up for adoption. This was news to me, so I put it down to ramblings. I did mention this to the staff and they confirmed that in such a case it would be a matter of human error that I was deleted by mistake. As in the wrong twin was deleted.

I am not sure what to think, perhaps I do have a twin? I am told we all have a number the moment we are born (in the UK?). Or is this something that can simply happen?

My ‘case’ file has been sent for further investigation. I am not sure what to think?

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It is true that when you are born, you have a National Insurance number, though I do not understand how you have been deleted. Were you born in the UK?

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@Headhurts Yes I was I only left there when I was 13 – 14.

I left actually a good few times and returned finally at 8 then stayed until I was around 14, but lived in Canada at age 3 for example. Then moved back then back out to Zimbabwe and so on.

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Your number probably got deleted by accident, probably more likely during the time you left the country.. It happens sometimes. They can allocate you a new one.

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You have to go to one of their offices with your passport and all that. They’ll find it because it’s the same all your life. ( I just did this) I think it’s about the same as in australia

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it must be so nice knowing you won’t lose everything just because you get sick.

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