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What will we accomplish by 2069?

Asked by Upward (740points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone

From 1869 to 1969 humanity developed the car, plane, tv, computer, space flight, moon landing… What do you see us doing by 2069? So far we have: personal computer, Internet, unmanned Mars landing, iPhone….

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Those breakfast corndogs with the pancake on the outside & sausage in the middle. Beast.

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but seriously, maybe it’ll all take a turn for the worst and charlton heston will say “they finally did it!”

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things will be like the future in bill and ted’s excellent adventure. So PARTY ON, DUDE!

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I missed a few important milestones pre 1969: light bulb, movies, recorded sound, movies, atomic bomb. From 1869–1969 we went from horse & buggy to the Moon! Post 1969 word looks lost compared to that magic era.

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Well whoever wrote Back to the Future expected there to be flying cars in 2015… what do you think?

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…meet George Jetson…

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I’ll be happy with 10% of the cars pollution-free by 2015.

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We had some guy come talk to our school about global warming and he reckons everything could be in chaos by 2012. So maybe we will accomplish the end of the world.

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Always good to hear are youth are being nurtured so well at school.

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Haha well college is a bit late for nurturing. That’s when they’re like “oh crap we better tell them that everything they’ve learnt up until now is pretty much bullshit and actually give them the real stuff before they leave”. Did you notice that? That the things you learn say in grade 9 are just completely different from grade 11/12? Like, yes, it has to be simplified, obviously, but not to the point of not even resembling the real idea…

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Alls I want is my frickin’ hoverboard. When do I get my hoverboard?!

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Teletransportation (also known as teleportaion)!!!
Imagine the possibilities of being able to get from here to there instantaneously. Oh, the possibilities!

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waterskier2007, that was an unnecessary comment. I personally think this is a perfectly valid and thought provoking question, unlike yours about jeeps. But I’m not going to go and post that on your thread, I just choose not to answer it.

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i think that these questions are just way too subjective, and its like… what could happen in the future, no one knows. i think a more valid question would be, what are some things that you guys know about that are in development, which would then spark answers about things that are more probable

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Ok, if that’s what you think, then it might be better to flag it so the mod’s can ask Upward to edit his question or something.

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Actually what I’m hinting at with this question is: From 1869–1969 they accomplished so much so quickly. But here we are 30 years after 1969 with very little quality of life changes. To even get close to that eras achievements we’ll need to pick up the pace considerably. Here’s a thought though… in 1972 video games were invented, could it be that the billions of hours spent on gaming has impacted human kinds achievements in the real world?

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Great details Upward-those suggestions above are also good-it would help to ‘spice up’ and frame the question to provide those details next time ‘round. Great question though IMO :)

I think in this era, more than any other previous era, there is more uncertainty as to the future of humankind and our presence here on Earth-sorry if that sounds bleak, but I guess the one thing I can speculate is that the environment will be trashed and all the coastal towns will be underwater for the most part.

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Hopefully we can discover an efficient way to recycle the fumes emitted by our cars, and learn how to perform photosynthesis. Hey, it could happen.

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time travel
( I’m still trying to get the kinks out of this zergging classic 2034 time engine)

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What I like about this question is how it asks us to expand our thinking.

As sndfreQ said, there is so much uncertainty, and no one really knows what will happen. We can guess, though, and even better, offer visions to move toward. That is what JFK did, which inspired our country to mobilize to send a man to the moon. I love films and books that take up this theme and offer some hope. My favorites on this genre:

Films: Matrix trilogy, Paycheck, and Children of Men.
Books: Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century, ed. by Marianne Williamson
The 5th Sacred Thing, by Starhawk
The Secret of Shambhala, by James Redfield

These 3 books – even more than the films – offer vivid possibilities for what our culture and technology can offer. The Imagine book has 39 different contributors from all aspects of life, offering their vision of what life can be like in 2050. Inspiring, mind-opening possibilities.

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i do like beasts answer about photosynthesis. its crazy how we know how it works but that we cant replicate it (photosynthesis)

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Probably microchips in humans all over the world, they all ready have it in different countries; plus they have it in animals too when pet owners lose their pets. Human chip would be for: Identity information and or at clubs “V.I.P” – so sad, way to deep and foolish thing to do. I wouldn’t do it. EVER!

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