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Do you have clumsy days?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) June 19th, 2008

So far today I’ve overslept, scolded my hand and knocked my head against a metal stand…..and it’s not even midday yet!
I’m always a little accident prone, but I seem to have distinct ‘clumsy-days’. Am I the only one?

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I do indeed. They are just “one of those days” as we say.

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I’ve never had any ‘clumsy days’, Every day is about equally clumsy for me. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence to have this many acts of clumsiness on one day ;)

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Yes, but usually it is not my hand’s fault so I try not to scold it. Hope you weren’t to hard on it!

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I might care to correct that ‘o’ to an ‘a’ if it didn’t take bloody donkeys years to type with one hand….

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You’re not alone. On my clumsy days, I try to take it easy and not fight it. If I do, things seem to get worse. Every once in awhile I have days where I’m seemingly out of synch with everyone else. On those days, l lie very low.

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Oh I hate those days. You’re not alone :)

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I like the idea of laying low. Of course today I have a meeting with my bosses peers followed by a worldwide conference call….oh the joys!

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I agree with WTFluther, but when you can’t lay as low as you want, you may just hve to go with the flow. Staying busy keeps me focused and my guard up. Good luck today!

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Wildflower, one last thing. I LOVE that you overslept and yet you still had time to Fluther!!

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Is there a better way to indulge in self-pity?

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Absolutely not. Look at me. I should have been up an hour ago. Oh well!

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yea, I didn’t have time for my usual fluther & coffee before work, but considering the day I’m having it’s fluther lunch at desk!

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Clumsy? Why yes! My poor husband, every beautiful piece of pottery he buys that somehow seems to make it into my hands, somehow breaks.
sorry :-(

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yes, i guess the last one happened 2 1/2 years ago (it was that bad that i cannot forget it)

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I am clumsy everyday but yes some days are worse than others. :-)

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Does that include forgetting something – car keys,shopping list, glasses?

Yesterday I went out to do many errands and left charge card at home.

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Yep, that counts. I drove to the garage (gas station) the other night to get cigarettes and petrol – only to realise I didn’t have my wallet when I got there…..

On a brighter note: I’ve gotten through the day and so far no blisters on my hand from my tea incident (it does sting a little though)

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only Monday through Sunday!

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I don’t know why, but a gutteral stream of profanity (uttered through clenched teeth) always seems to smooth out the wrinkles.
Works every time!

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i have had a clumsy week – spilt my beverage at least once for the past six days! fortunately, it has not been on anything important like work. we’re collectively having “that kind” of week at work – at least one person has made some sort of major blunder every day : ( can’t wait for the week to be over!

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I agree with loser. I call them weekdays.

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I am also more clumsy around my period. i also spill food on myself literally every single day

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I had a clumsy WEEK!

Getting into an accident, forgetting materials for my college art class and thus having to mooch off others (embarrassingly), forgetting to write my name on the role sheet and being marked absent from class, having to finish on of my school projects the day it was due, buying a defective bike, etc and so on and so forth D|

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