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Short trip to mexico?

Asked by goony22 (3points) June 19th, 2008

trying to plan a short 4 day get away with my girlfriend sometime in early august leaving from california. trying to be as cost effective as possible and i know it can be difficult during high season…any suggestions as to where to go? i think the quality of the beaches would be the most important factor in location. any ideas of how to keep cost around $1000 total, give or take a few hundred of course. thanks so much fluther nation!!!

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Pick up a copy of The Pwople’s Guide to Mexico – full of inside tips for cheap & authentic travel.

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I highly recommend Isla Mujeres. You can fly into Cancun and then take a ferry to the island. You get an “old world” feeling on the island, it’s not all commercial and touristy (I consider Cancun a Myrtle Beach with an accent).

The island offers beaches (including a topless one), sightseeing, fishing trips, snorkeling trips, and you can take the ferry back into Cancun and catch a bus to some truly outstanding Mayan ruins (Chichenitza and Telum, sorry about the spelling).

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Are you driving? Flying? I just got back from a two week trip around Central Southern Mexico. The only beach area we visited during this trip was Ixtapa, which might be a little too far south for you if you’re driving down from Cali. But my advice for that area would be do NOT go to Ixtapa! :D Instead, go to Zehuantinejo. The beaches are much nicer there. Ixtapa was just kind of sad and desolate & even the Playa Linda was dirty!

If you’re thinking about flying somewhere, try Cancun or Riviera Maya. has GREAT prices on all inclusive trips.

I also second syz’s answer about Isla Mujeres. We took a day trip there from Cancun in 2003 and it was lovely! I even held a shark! :D

Good luck and have a great trip!

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Tulum, Tulum, Tulum. . .an hour and one-half south of Cancun. Stay in a cabana on the beach. Oooooooooooooooooo. Heavenly!

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Wrong. Don’t go to the Caribbean, it costs too much to get there, and you’ll spend too much time getting from hideous Cancun to wherever else you’re
going. Instead, fly to Manzanillo, rent a car, and drive down the coast into
Michoacan: a gorgeous beach every two miles. Be guided by the Lonely Planet. With all respects to the usually-on-target Pup n Taco, forget the People’s Guide: it’s just a bunch of boasting
about how this fun hippie couple figured out how to avoid putting any money into the culture 20 years ago. Times have changed. And you don’t have a VW van, do you?
Another very nice bunch of beaches is within bus distance of Puerto Vallarta,
popular vacation destination therefore many cheap flights – should be especially easy in August. Try Sayulita. Everyone loves Sayulita. It’s pretty, the beach is lovely, and it’s small enough to be friendly.

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agree that tulum is great

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Mazatlan is fun, and different, off the main path….i’d go to mazatlan and stay at el cid resort

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