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Using mirrors to parallel park?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) July 26th, 2013

I will be taking my NYS road test on August 9.
I have practiced parallel parking by adjusting my mirrors to see the curb. All of you that have taken the road test (especially New York State drivers), did you use your mirrors, and was it a problem?
Do you have any tips for parallel parking and three point turns, and driving for this test in general?

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When you parallel park don’t get too close to the car you are parking behind. At least leave two to three feet. I don’t use the mirrors for it. Get a feel for when to straighten your wheels too. And when you take the test just relax and take your time. I took the NYS test and three point turns weren’t on it. And if you’re on a one way street turn left from the left land. They like to throw that one at you.

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Pull up even with the car you are going to park behind. Crank the wheel as hard as you can until the end of the car you are parking behind is even with the middle of your front door panell. Then crank the wheel as hard as you can the other way and you will slip right in.

Good lcuk on your test.

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Your mirrors should be positioned so that you can see into as much of your blind spot as possible while driving. They are not to be aimed downward while driving, so adjusting them to be ready to parallel park will put you in danger and may cause you to make an error to flunk your test.

(Some cars have right hand mirrors that automatically tilt down when put into reverse.)

And, whenever the car is in reverse and moving, you must be looking over your shoulder in the direction the car is moving, or you will flunk your test. So, learn and practice by positioning and moving the car as suggested above.

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When you get more practice you will not need to adjust the mirror to see the curb, you will be able to visualize its position in you brain. The tester may give you a low grade on your parking skills when he/she sees you fussing with the mirror.
Good luck!

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Most states require on driving tests that you turn your head to look backwards when backing up, moving while using your mirrors will mean failing if that is the case in your state. You can check your mirrors, but once hitting the gas you must be looking in the direction your are moving. Check what the rules are in your state before you take the test. Probably part of your test will be simply to back up, not even trying to park, and this would be another case you need to actually turn around. Unless things have changed now that cars have cameras etc. I doubt it though.

Practice parking. Find out how much space they give you, when I took the test they had orange cones I had to park between, and take the actual car you will be taking the test in and practice several times using something to mark the space you will need to fit in. You need to be within a foot of the curb most likely. When I took it, I had to park, actually put the car in park, and that was the signal I was finished.

The trick is to back into the space by cutting hard towards the direction of the space and then straightening out. If you don’t get close enough to the curb the first time, you’ll never make it into the space well, especially if you have a larger car. It does take practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy.

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This question skeeves me out. I’ve been driving for ten years and still don’t know how to parallel park. three points are easy, though.

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I highly recomend you take the test in a regular height car, the smaller the better. When you are way high up in SUV’s and trucks your ability to perceive the sides and back of the car are greatly impaired.

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You really should be looking backward when backing up, not using the mirrors—there is just too much missing from the mirror view and it’s difficult to judge distances.

Many people use this method to gauge their parallel parking:
Pull alongside the car in front of your target spot.
Back up until your rear wheel is past the back end of the forward car and then crank the wheel hard toward the curb so the front of your car swings out.
When your car is pointing toward the spot between the headlights of the car behind straighten the wheels.
Continue back until the front of your car is past the forward car then crank the wheel hard away from the curb so the front of your car swings toward the curb.
When your car is parallel to the curb straighten the wheels again and adjust your car’s position so there is an even amount of space in front and back. You pass!

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