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How do I talk to him and not be creepy?

Asked by laura98 (191points) July 28th, 2013

So a couple days ago I saw this boy wandering around my church after mass looking like he was looking for someone. We made eye contact for about a minute and then I had to leave with my mother and grandmom. He was probably one of the most handsome guys I have ever seen. He was tall, had dark drown hair, big brown eyes and he looked to be about my age (15.) I wondered if I would ever see him again since this was the first time I had ever seen him at my church before. To my surprise he became a new sexton and I saw him lighting candles on the alter. I really want to talk to him, but I don’t altar serve anymore because I’m in High School. My dad is a Deacon and is always back in the sacristy so that might be an advantage. How should I get him to talk to me and possibly text me. I don’t even know his name. Please help!

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Tell him the truth that “Can you help me” ” I would like too talk to you without sounding creepy” I would like to welcome you to our church” . My name is Laura can you tell me your name?”

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I think you should definately use that as an advantage and make sure he always sees you and notices you. Maybe he will even try and talk to you.

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How about, “Hi, I’m Laura, I heard you’re our new sexton.”

You’ll have introduced yourself, he’ll need to say what his name is and start a conversation. You can find out where he is from, if he is new to the town. And you can offer to show him around town if he’d like. If he is from your town, you can talk to him about what you like to do.

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“Hi, I’m Laura. Congratulations on being the new sexton, I bet you’re glad they don’t make sextons dig graves as was historically one of their duties…”

If that line doesn’t get you a date, I don’t know what will.

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Walk up to him and tell him you used to serve the altar, and how does he like it.

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I would not say “I would like to talk to you but I don’t want to sound creepy.” As others have said, you have a lot of things in common and can just ask a question about any one of them to start a conversation.

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How cute! Don’t worry, small talk will be fine.

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If he’s new to the church there’s nothing wrong with greeting a newcomer. Give him your number in case he has any questions about the place. Start off with things like that. Dig a little deeper later on if you want to.

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