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What is your locality's official beverage?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) June 19th, 2008

For example, straight bourbon whiskey is a “distinctive product of the United States” and there are Federal Standards of Identity that stipulate its production requirements. Also known as “America’s Native Spirit”.

So, this Question isn’t limited to just country… what about your state, province, territory, parish, town, etc? Any interesting history or info? What makes it official? How is it unique?

Recipes for your own drink, while welcome, might best be placed in other Fluther threads.

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how would we find out, and are u talking about what are some good beers, etc. that a brewed near us or would that not fit into this question

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Cascade Draught is the local and best selling beer in Tasmania. A lot of local history is involved with the Brewery.

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@waterskiier, this is the kind of Question for which Fluther was created: for answers that are not easily found (I hope) via a simple Google search. And that are not simply just personal opinion, political view, etc.

If you don’t know, no sweat. Don’t answer. But do follow this Question and maybe someone else’s reply will jog your memory.

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So many! My favorites are Anchor Steam and 209 gin! (The latter did a number on me last night :( )

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Terrapin beer ( is a locally brewed beer here in Athens, GA. I know a lot of people like it, but it’s not “official.”

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well, since shrubbery is giving out local beers, ill go ahead and post mine.

im not a big beer drinker, as im only 18, but the bells brewery is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. they make a good beer called blue moon which has a orangey taste. very good stuff for someone who doesnt like beer a lot

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Guinness!! Dublin, Ireland

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@robmandu, since i had already posted in the question, following the question was automatically enabled, but thanks for the link anyways

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Natty Bo, originally brewed in Baltimore.

..I’m not really a fan though :-P. I prefer wine from the local vineyard Boordy.

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The Cascade Brewery also makes Blackcurrent Syrup/fizzy juice, Apple Isle Sparkling Apple Juice, 100% fruit juices including apple, apple + blackcurrent, apple + raspberry, orange and more, with at least the apples and blackcurrents being Tasmanian grown. And also ginger beer.
All of these drinks are greatly loved by Tasmanians, at least everyone I know, and since they are the best selling drinks in Tasmania I would say that most of the state agrees.
The Brewery itself is the oldest in Australia. This is a better link than the Wikipedia article up there.

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I’m very pleased with everyone’s energy in replying so quickly. But please, bear with me. I’m looking for official beverages here. Not simply your favorite or recommendation.

BTW, I always thought the Guinness® was the official beer of Ireland… but looking for a reference that states that clearly… well, I can’t find one. :-\

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Current home it’s Murphy’s (them dubs can keep their Guinness) and Jameson .
Home home it’s Føroya Bjór or Akvavit

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Abita Beer is made in Louisiana. They make all different kinds if beer. Right now their seasonal beer is made with strawberries. It’s not that popular. A popular drink here is the hurricane . The Sazerac, which was Napoleon’s favorite drink is not all that popular, but is going to be named the official state drink of Louisiana.

Drinking alcohol is a big part of the culture here.

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My favorite Abita drink is Purple Haze. They make a good amber as well.

Hooray for LA beer.

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Oh, and my personal favorite of the local produce is Friar Weiss from Franciscan Well

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Albuquerque is the home of Gruet sparkling wines (champagne).

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Green River is a Chicago specialty. And… it turns your mouth green. Who could ask for more?

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I live in southeastern North Carolina, right on the Atlantic Ocean,

Officially, the local chamber of commerce would tell you “SCUPPERNONG”. This is wine made from the Scuppernong grape that is the only species of grape that is native to the North American continent. When the English arrived here in 1600 or so, it grew all over the place and being resourceful chaps, they figured out how to ferment it into wine.

It is very sweet and I am not a big fan of the stuff, but it is “official” as the original poster specified.

Of course, the “un-official” local brew is MOONSHINE! but no one will own up to having a distillery anywhere local.


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hahmoore tells us it’s Terrapin here in Athens (I don’t drink beer). However, I have noticed that the “unofficial” beer around town is definitely PBR!

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Since I am currently in Seattle, the home of Starbucks, coffee is the official beverage today. Many Seattlites spurn Starbucks in favor of other more obscure roasters. Although someone is drinking it all.

Microbrews abound here as well. Redhook in all its various incarnations is probably the best known.

But really, forever and ever, the official drink was Rainier, a godawful concoction I suspected in my youth contained deer piss, known for its famous series of commercials of “herds” of “wild” Rainiers (in cans and bottles) crossing the road.

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in St. Louis, we are owned by Anheuser-Busch beers. All of our schools have buildings named after the brewery-giant.

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The Belgians are coming! The Belgians are coming!

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in the south we’re famous for drinking a lot of sweet iced tea, does that count?

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I am a big fan of sweet tea with lemon on ice on a steamy southern afternoon!

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Here in Margaritaville, the official drink is Appletinis.
Kidding, of course. Margaritas! What else.

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@Parrothead What about Land Shark Lager?

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@Marina always makes me laugh…

While [Rainier Beer] enjoys near iconic status, it is no longer brewed in Seattle, nor is the company owned locally. In the late 1990s, the company was sold to Stroh’s, then to Pabst, though Miller contract brews most of Pabst’s beers.—from Wikipedia

I think we know where the “deer piss” comes from now. :-D

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@robmandu Right you are. Swallowed up by corporate giants like so many things and not improved, but trust me, there was not much to improve upon to begin with!

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there are so many candian beers. heres a few:
les trois brasseurs (local restaurant and microbrewery)
view montreal (micro-brewery)
those are all of the ones i can think of right now, since i’ve been drinking a lot of sangria today
also, during the 1920s, beer was smuggled through khanawake, the indian reserve because it was part of both canada and the u.s. at the time. the bronfman family did a lot to help the bootlegging and got extremely rich of their hotels that served alcohol. they’re a montreal legend, sort of like what Rockefeller is in new york.

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This is just a guess, but since California’s Napa Valley and other wine counties are pretty well known, it would make sense if California’s drink was wine. (But that’s just a guess.)

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You made me curious about whether my current home (Connecticut) or home home (California) had an official state drink. Alas, according to this link, neither state has adopted an official beverage yet. The most common state beverage is milk, and only Alabama has an alcoholic drink as their choice. Interesting!

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Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is made Lynchburg Tennessee and George Dickel is made in Cascade Hollow Tennessee. My drink in high school was called Horse Piss. It was some Dickel or Jack mixed with Sundrop.

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Here in Hammonton NJ we are known for our Blueberry Wine since we are the blueberry capital of the world.

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@ uberbatman : mmm! that sounds quite tasty!

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I wouldn’t say it is official, but the Bent River Uncommon Oatmeal Stout brewed in my home town won the 2006 local beer festival first place award. Good enough for me.

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