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What is the best way to dress for my body shape?

Asked by hummingbug3 (196points) July 29th, 2013

I’m asking here because I feel like a lot of online sources are telling me incorrectly by not taking into consideration that people look different from the side than they do the front. In all technicalities I’m an hourglass (as defined by calculators); my bust, waist, and hip measurements are 35, 26, 35 respectively. Problem is, my waist doesn’t nip in at all from the front. There is no taper down to it either. I’m pretty much straight up and down with no curves but from the side it’s like boom! lol from the side you can see I have a tiny butt (not much but at least it isn’t flat!) as well as boobs that stick out, giving me a more curvy and somewhat “s” shape from the side. Any ways to dress better? It seemed like other women online had the opposite issue that I had. Many seem to have an hourglass figure from the front but be completely straight or apple shaped from the side.

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Color block dresses are your best bet. The link above will give you a sleek look.
This dress will make it look like you have hips. This dress will definetly give the illusion of a waist. You want the outside block to be a darker color than the inside. Beware of blocking that goes horizontal. It can make you look straighter.

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I have the shape from all sides ;) Try doing Pilates.. there are vids on Youtube on how to get a nice body, and a nice booty.. look up ‘Sexy Loser.’ She has a lot of vids and she’s really funny. I just do exercises once a day (30 – 45 min). You can get a booty by doing things like lunges, squats, but I find there are better ways too and better exercises that don’t exert the knees.

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You sound like an oblong. I also don’t put too much store in body shaping as we are all different. Some are obvious like apples and pears.

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Measurements of the bwh are not the end all of shaping. For instance I have a long torso and ans shorter legs.

I have to wear long tops and petite pants and empire waists for dresses or a line other wise known as princess cut outfits.

My measurements never told me that. My pants dragging on the ground capri’s ending the wrong place on my calves and my shirts always ending at the wrong place told me that.

Maybe it is simpler for you. Tailored perhaps? I am not sure.

But toning the stomach and working your pectoral (chest) muscles to better hold up your boobs and make them stand up a little more. Tightening your glutious maximus ( butt) and having a string core in order to have great posture will certainly show off your assets as @sparrowfeed mentioned.

However if you don’t feel that is your problem or would like a faster solution go window shopping and try in scads of outfits with various cuts and sizes. Make note of what you love ( not like) Reconfirm with a different top or bottom of a similar style but different material or fit. Some materials cling etc. And fits for tops can be bodyhugging, normal, casual or loose and these will completely alter your perception.

It takes a bit of time but can be fun and completely worthwhile. Nothing like getting a double take or triple take from people you see almost every day. You’ll feel more confident as well.

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