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Why is my period late?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) July 30th, 2013

I’m scared! I’m 13 and my period’s late. I have never had sex(duh, I’m 13) I’ve hurt my vagina on a tree branch, but the bleeding stopped after about 2 hours. I’m not pregnant… am I?! I’m so scared, please help me!

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No you are not pregnant. At age 13 your periods are not yet regular. You can have one and go a couple months without having another, or have extended periods.
If you don’t have one next month, talk to your mom and see what she thinks you should do.

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How late is it?

Also, you are not pregnant.

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You can’t get pregnant if you’ve never had sex. Plain and simple.

How late are you? My guess is that it’s nothing to worry about. At your age, I could go 3 months between periods. You’re young; it’s normal.

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It happens. Especially at your age.

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Unless that tree branch was actually an erect penis, you don’t have to worry about being pregnant.

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How late are you? Have you ever been late before? Did you bleed from inside when you hurt yourself?

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you’re not pregnant, you probably broke your hymen that’s all. Where did the bleeding come from? At 13, I wouldn’t worry. I was hardly regular at that age.

am I the only one wondering how you can hit your vagina on a tree branch? lol

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@hummingbug3 By falling out of a tree onto a lower branch is one way. Or walking on a limb, losing your balance, and falling, straddling the limb (ouch, either way).

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Do have regular Life Rule, eat healty and sleep early
then you will have a regular period.

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Nope. You are not pregnant. If you think that you may have injured yourself, though, you may want to talk to your school nurse or ask an adult to take you to the doctor to have things checked-out.

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Didn’t you say you injured yourself on a metal pole (not a tree branch) the other day?

In any case, it isn’t unusual to miss periods when you first start having them. If you feel worried about it, though, ask your parents to take you to the doctor.

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Uh oh. Metal pole, tree branch, something doesn’t sound right. What’s the story?

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Sorry guys(: Okay Here goes.

I kicked a ball outside the fence and the fence was closed because it was off limits. I climbed it but fell right on a branch and onto my vagina. Yay. ):

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OK, so the bleeding has stopped. I assume that besides some wounds, you are also quite bruised, and if you have a fever or smelly discharge, you probably have an infection which should be seen by a doctor. But this should have nothing to do with why your period is late.

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At your age your period is most likely late because of your age. It can sometimes take a year or two to settle into a proper once-a-month cycle, especially if you are small and slim. If you are dieting and have lost weight that can also cause periods to stop. The injury (however it was caused) will have nothing to do with it.

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Maybe if she bled from inside her uterine lining already lost it’s blood? I don’t know how that works exactly as much as I do know about GYN stuff. I’m just guessing there.

If she is always regular, and has been for let’s say over a year, it is odd to be late, I don’t care how old. I was regular though every 26 or 28 days. There wa a two day difference depending on the month. Perfect 14 from when I ovulated though. Even though I call it odd, it still can happen at any age of course, but I think since it is happening the same month as her injury it should be considered possibly related.

@kimchi How many days late are you? Did you start your period yet? Tell your mom your worried your late.

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@JLeslie If she had been bleeding from her uterus from that fall, she’d be very sick by this time and most likely in the hospital, or at least having visited a doctor.

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I think it might depend on how heavy the bleeding was. She bled for 2 hours I think she wrote, that is a long time. I agree most likely her bleeding was from her vulva, but I don’t know for sure. She never answers those questions. Also, to be afraid of being pregnant even at her age, and saying she hit a pole and then saying she hit a tree branch makes me suspicious. Sounds like back peddling and covering up. I could be wrong. Being so young it is hard to tell.

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I am about two days late. I still haven’t gotten my period yet. The bleeding was really little though.

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