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How soon after you meet someone can you add them as a friend on Facebook?

Asked by Whattodo (104points) June 19th, 2008

If you add them right away, do you seem like a loser, or maybe a stalker?

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if you add them right away, you seem like a facebook addict. i know many people who do that i.e. add me after they meet me for 2 seconds in some random party. it’s not a big deal.

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Wait 28 hrs 2 min and 24 sec to add them. It is imperative you do it at exactly that time….or else! :)

Does it really matter what people on Facebook think of you? I mean most of them you aren’t going to see in real life anyway.

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just add the person that’s it, not big deal

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Yeah, I often do it that night or the next day. But I only do it when I make a real connection and want to stay in touch with someone. I don’t do it just to accumulate people on Facebook.

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If I meet somebody, I generally add them on Facebook that night.

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well, if you add them right after you meet them, then not even talk to them at all on facebook, then it seems like you add ppl just to add them. generally, no one gives a hoot. After all, that’s just about what everyone does right? ;P

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I like adding people on my Facebook so that I can decide later whether or not I want to contact them. Besides, I like building my network. Not just to have the biggest damn friend number on the block, but with the perks that come with having more friends. Facebook suggesting more people that I could know, finding mutual friends, etc.

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Ditto to that. I love reading my friends’ statuses on Facebook every day to see what they’re up to. It’s also really handy sometimes to be able to message people – to contact them without having their e-mail address. And, as Lefteh said, I can sometimes find mutual friends that way.

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I usually add people the next time I’m
on facebook. Espically if I enjoyed their company. Like mentioned above, its good to have the contact in case you need to get a hold of them.

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I don’t see a problem with adding someone you meet right away on facebook or any other site like that. If I saw that someone I met the night before added me right away, I think I would be excited about it – not turned off. It just shows that you liked them enough to want to contact them again.

No biggie.

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