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I have $10,000 to invest.

Asked by uguess (2points) June 19th, 2008

I want to invest for 4 to 5 months and then sell all the stock. What is the safest bet interms of stocks and how much can one realistically make with this amount and terms of investment.

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Transfer your money to my paypal account and I will invest it wisely for you. Its cool you can trust me

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google defanetly

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use the money, remember, YOU are your best investment

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If I was going to invest in stock then I would buy Berkshire Hathaway B stock. BH is the only stock that I have seen that puts money in your pocket when you just leave it in there. My grandfather bought some A stock when it was $60,000 and now it is worth about $150,000 each. Even though the B is nowhere near as expensive, it follows the A shares accordingly.

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whats the Berkshire Hathaway B stock symbol and whats its price. How many different onces do Bershire have.

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BRK.B, I’m not a wiz in the stock market so I don’t know what you mean by onces, the price is $4,154. Here’s a website that can give you some details on it.

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Burn your money and go out in the wilderness!

Or just send it to that guys paypal account.

You’ll be less worried about it.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about stocks.

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It really depends on how much risk you want to take. Apple’s stock could be strong 5 months from now or it could take a huge dip. Same with google. The stock market usually is right for people who want to do more long term investing. If you’re into the short term, I would do research into tech stocks, see what companies you think might be able to have some big sort of breakthrough in that time and look at the history of how the market has treated other such breakthroughs in the past. For example, when Apple first announced the iPhone (or any new product, really) their stock usually takes a hit because the new product is unproven and could possibly fail. If and when that product is a success, the stock rebounds and may go beyond whatever it was at before. This could also take a few months to play out. It also might not happen at all, the market isn’t totally predictable, if it was we’d all be rich, right?

I would honestly suggest that you do as much research as you can stomach, and also look into CDs and the like because their return won’t be stellar, but you also won’t be risking the money as you would with tech stocks (or any stocks, really)

If you go into it expecting to get rich and make more then a couple hundred bucks though- you’re barking up the wrong tree and might think about something like venture capitol instead or investing in a solid business idea, or even buying a few lucrative domain names. You have plenty of options- but research will be key for you.

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The safer the bet the less money it brings. Even if you play it safe you can still lose a lot of money. Nobody can tell you what kind of percentage you can make, you’d have to be able to see into the future.

You don’t seem to know anything about the stock market, so I’d recommend you either read up a lot and get to know the mechanisms of the market before investing 10K randomly into some stock some guy recommended on a msgboard, or you go to your bank counselor and talk about this there.

My advice:
diversifying the risk by either investing in more than one stock, since investing 10K in a single stock without any clue VERY risky, or taking a look at indexfunds (mirror a index) or funds in general since somebody else takes care of your portfolio.
Also 4–5 months is a very short time, good luck.

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Seriously if you really want to invest in stocks get to know the basics (fundamental and technical analysis, moving averages and all the chart techniques; how you sell and buy – stop, market, limit, and where to position these).

Investing in the stock market takes a lot of knowledge imo. It isn’t about throwing 10K into a stock and it automatically goes up and then you sell it. There are many different ways how to tackle it in the first place (long term, short term, risk management, how much profit expected etc) and it’s different for everyone. If you want 10% you’ll have a different strategy and invest in different financial instruments than someone who’s into making 40% in a short amount of time.

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Hahhahaha, invest in the market right now, that’s funny advice. I would stay out of the market as it has yet to bottom out in most investor’s and analyst’s opinions. This of course, precludes something like Google or Apple, which are most likely to go up or stay the same (or rebound successfully if they take another dive). I would talk to a good financial advisor (ask around with family/friends/coworkers and see if they have any recommendations) and see what they have to say. Think about it for a while. You could always just put it in a money market account and let it sit and it will still be earning interest for you. You have to look at your situation and expertise and do what’s right for you.

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By land, it can’t be recreated and can only go up.

Also look into getting old scooters and fixing them up. With the way that gas is, the local scooter shop here just increased sales by about 5000% (yes five thousand).

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@shawnlxc where in the U.S. can you buy land for $10,000?

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I know around the southeast there are areas, but I would guarantee that you could find those prices elsewhere.

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Gold Gold Gold. Its gonna be the only thing worth anything around here soon enough.

Either that or go to Vegas and put it on black.

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If you plan on playing the stock market, you might as well take chris6137’s advice and go to the casino. Its the same risk, but the casino will be more fun because they give free drinks and sometimes meals and rooms. =)

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You should never invest in the stock market if you will want the money in less than five years. This is one of the cardinal rules of investing.

I think for this time period your best bet would be to buy a Certificate of Deposit at bank.

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Brightpoint Inc. (CELL)
Petrohawk Energy Corporation (HK)
Bob Evans Farms Inc. (BOBE)
Avoid Insurance stocks since Barrack is going to start universal health care.

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It’s BARACK (!) not barrack, man.

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