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Can putting flea medicine on a dog more then once in a few days hurt the dog?

Asked by micksarecool (53points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I put flea medicine on my dog a few days ago and then today she got covered in crap and got a bath, then not knowing that I put some on a few days ago and thinking that the dog was clean now an needed the medicine my grandma put more on her. Would the bath cancel the first dose out or is it a problem it is a cheapish kind of flea meds I dont know if that makes a difference

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depending on what kind, it could poison the dog. Did you read the package?

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The bath shouldn’t cancel the first dose if it was on for more than a day. it is designed to go into the bloodstream, which is why I think you should not try a second dose without consulting your vet first. you could poison your dog.

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I think you need to call your veterinarian. It depends on a bunch of factors. What flea medicine was it? What did you shampoo the dog with? Did you soap the dog thoroughly? How much does the dog weigh? How old or young is the dog?

Only a veterinarian can effectively weigh all of these factors and give you a good answer. Get all the information together before you call.

Good luck.

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It can make her very sick, watch her carefully, if she starts acting sickly, tired, or just doesn’t want to eat or drink anything, give her a bath immediatly and wash her good, with dawn or palmolive dish soap to get the flea crap off.

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I just went ahead and washed it all off with dish soap 3 times so hopefully that will take care of it, it had only been on her for a few hours so I’m hoping she will be ok. If she does start acting sick or weird I’ll take her to a vet. Thanks for the help

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I accidentally put the dog stuff on my cat a couple of years ago. I washed it off right away, but he still had bad side effects for a few days. I took him to the vet the very next day because he was twitching alot and walking very odd, as if he was drunk. The vet explained to me that these products contain neuro toxins, and if not used correctly could casue kidney or liver damage and possible death. So now I get all my products from him and am careful to use it exactly as directed. if by now your dog hasn’t shown any signs of illness, it should be OK.

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