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Do you think we'll see teachers who earn $4 million+ in the United States?

Asked by phaedryx (6110points) August 5th, 2013

There is an article, in the WSJ, about a teacher in South Korea who does.

With the scope of the internet, won’t the best teachers rise to the top, at the expense of the poor teachers?

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I am a former teacher. I am all for higher pay for higher performance. But 4 million freaking dollars is absolutely ridiculous.

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He is not a teacher, he is an entrepreneur whose business is selling lessons on-line with an expensive user support system.

A teacher who who oversees the direct work and education of 20 or 30 kids for a full day across all disciplines, or 150 kids in a single subject, is worthy of a decent salary, more than is common in the US. But not at such a level as $4 million unless they directly intervened in the education of thousands of kids at a time,and made a difference in their progress.

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No, they are overworked and underappreciated. My public school education was good, but not excellent, and it wasn’t due to my wonderful teachers.

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Teachers do one of the most important jobs in any society, yet the U.S. views them with an odd mixture of admiration and disdain.

On the one hand, a dedicated, effective teacher is appreciated and respected. On the other hand, there seem to be few concerns about teachers being overworked and underpaid.

I think that this society regards teaching as a calling, not as a profession. If someone chooses to be a teacher, that person accepts low pay as part of the entire package and should expect low compensation. Of course, I don’t agree; I’m just observing.

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Remember that teachers are paid with taxpayer dollars. Americans don’t like to pay taxes. Most States have laws in their constitution that requires no budget deficit at the end of the fiscal year. So where is all this money going to come from?

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This country loves to be ignorant and does not have any interest in educating its populous. Offering teachers a salary that actually reflects how important education is will never happen.

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puts on his devil’s advocate hat

If that many people are willing to pay him, how is it a problem?

“Mr. Kim has about 120 live, in-person students per lecture”
How is that not being a teacher? Obviously the students think they are learning, and are willing to pay for it. How is this any different from a typical college professor?

Wouldn’t higher pay be a good way to show them appreciation?

So do you think we’ll see highly paid teachers?

Not all teachers are paid with taxpayer dollars, e.g. tutors and college professors. The money is going to come from people who are willing to pay for education. For example, do you pay for the online class from one of the best teachers in the country, or from a mediocre teacher at the local college? I’m wondering if the internet will expand the reach of the best teachers at the expense of the poor teachers.

In the US we spend more on education than any other country in the world and more per capita than all but a few.

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