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Why am I always feeling like this?

Asked by Mp123 (317points) August 5th, 2013

It’s really getting tiring to always have a sad/lonely feeling inside. It’s like it’s always on my mind. I could be around a lot of people and still feel lonely and I don ‘t understand why. Last winter I went threw a little depression because I was not working and always staying home. I was crying everyday for nothing or something. But it’s been a year since but I still get a sad feeling deep inside. Especially when I think I have no one to just call whenever to talk to about everything and anything. After that depression I couldn’t stay home doing nothing I felt like I could go crazy. Even now I can’t really stay home for a long time but why? Anyone could help change that feeling. Do you thing there’s more sad people in the world than happy people ?

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Do you have health insurance? If so, I recommend going to talk to a professional. Depression is common, but sometimes it’s something we need help with – professional help. It’s not something to just wait out and hope it goes away. Make an appointment. It can’t hurt.

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You are describing clinical depression. Don’t worry about the rest of the world; focus on making yourself feel better.

Therapy and medication are the tried-and-true ways of dealing with your sad feelings. How old are you? Are you still living at home? Do you have a job? Do you have family near-by? Can you get some help?

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@tom_g yes I do but it’s hard to find the right place to go, most place are really expensives 100$ and up, I will look for free services

@gailcalled I’m 20 years old, still living at home, I do have a job now and family around. But It’s just impossible to open up to my mother or siblings :(

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Any other adult? Friend, family doctor (he or she is obligated by law to keep your info confidential), aunt, uncle, cousin? Do you have medical insurance? Are you near a major university with a medical school?

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Can you take a yoga class?

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@gailcalled In the winter I had an appointment with a doctor who noticed some sign of depression. How I know? I had an appointment with my family doctor a few months later who asked me how I was doing since the other doctor notice some depression. But I said that I was feeling better than at that time so she didn’t go further… I find it hard to talk evey time I tried to open tears come even if I’m telling a story from a long time ago and I can’t control and I don’t like that :`(

@Judi I started looking into it ! this wednesday I’m trying something different, It’s called pratice of the Twin Hearts Meditation… ever heard of that !?

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Never heard of it, but anything to calm your mind, get you breathing correctly and out of yourself will help.

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But I said that I was feeling better than at that time so she didn’t go further… I find it hard to talk evey time I tried to open tears come even if I’m telling a story from a long time ago and I can’t control and I don’t like that.

You have to decide which you dislike more…feeling chronically depressed or getting weepy when you discuss your past and the issues that are making you so miserable.

Did you lie to your family doctor? I can’t tell from what you wrote.

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You will feel sadder taking advice from here. Asking anyone here, me included, why you feel as bad as you do would be as if you were to ask plumbers why your computer won’t display all of the colors. The only one who would even have an inkling of your issues would be a professional psychoanalyst or something.

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Please, please get yourself the help you need. Therapy and medication changed my life, and I’m only sorry I waited as long as I did. Don’t suffer needlessly one second longer than you have to. We wish you all the best!

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See your doctor for a referral to a therapist.

Be sure you are eating a healthy diet, lots of vegetables and fruit, and getting enough exercise and sleep. Adjusting those things can always help.

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@gailcalled Sorry it’s because im french so i might make grammar mistakes. No I didn’t lie to my doctor I thought I was feeling better since I had found a job… :/

@Hypocrisy_Central I know it just sometimes you just need to tell one person or the computer in my case lol..I know that seeing a professional is something I have to do I just need to boost myself a little I would really like to

@augustlan I’m happy to hear that you’re no longer in that place ! :)

@YARNLADY Thank you for taking the time to answer I will try to eat better :)

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@Mp123: Off-topic. Your use of English is just fine. I would not have guessed that it wasn’t your first language. Would that my French were as colloquial.

It certainly makes sense that having found a job would give you a temporary lift…unfortunately, a chemical depression will soon override that initial euphoria.

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I think you need a good & fun loving friends group, where you will share you all desire & also you will enjoy there company. Its a normal, because you were in depression in past years. So, now you have to change your environment as well way to live a life.

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I’ve been there. It’s a miserable place to be. Medication was so helpful for me.
I took Paxil, which didn’t work all that well for me. I took Prozac next, despite what people say about that particular drug, it was a miracle pill for me, for about 2 years. Then it just quit working. I was on Zoloft for a while as well.

I feel a lot better these days. I don’t take anything anymore, but there are times that I wish I still did.

I recommend that you find yourself a good therapist and see if perhaps they can’t find an antidepressant for you.

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