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Why does Bed, Bath and Beyond not have or sell beds?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) August 5th, 2013

I called looking for a bed for 80 inches or longer thinking that the famous bed bath and beyond would be able to help me, so I called and they said that they don’t have beds for sale and that I would have to call Sears. I called Sears and the largest bed that they have is 79.5 inches. So I need to find a carpenter in Red Deer. Can you recommend a good Carpenter or a unique alternative to owning a bed? I’ve slept on the carpet and I can’t keep lying down on the floor for more than 1 hour.

~Bed, Bath and Beyond why? It should be called bedding bath accessorizes and extra

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79.5” is only ½ inch shy of your goal. Can you compromise?

Can your social worker or counsel find a carpenter for you?

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80” is the minimum , I would like to stretch out a bit . I will ask the social worker on the 9th.

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I bet he can find someone to build something for you. That might be one of the easier questions he has to deal with this month.

And you’re right. Do it properly once and for all.

Is there someone who does the maintenance and handyman work in the domicile where you are living? Building a platform bed is a pretty-straightforward project…did you never take woodworking in high school?

Just found this…Queen-sized is 82” long. Probably won’t ship to Alberta, however, but it gives you a good design idea.

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You still need to find an 80” mattress though.

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@gailcalled The landlady would be able to help, she gave me this bed I have now, I have a double or twin mattress , I might try a Temerpedic foam mattress.

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You need the Beyond section for their radioactive kleenex boxes

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@talljasperman , what is your budget?

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@Judi 0 for now, 300 next month each month later.

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I think the “Beyond” in their name stands for ”-room”.

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I mean for a bed. Can you afford a tempur pedic? They’re expensive.,

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I’m so confused. You have a matress that is 80”‘s long and you need a bed? Queen and King both are made 80”‘s long. So is a twin and full XLong. These are standard sizes.

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@JLeslie I have a bed that I would like to be 5 inches longer I don’t know the size it was donated to me by the landlord. Don’t have enough money for other things and would like to save for extras. So my budget right now is 0 for a bed. If I can find a bed I like then I can visualise saving for it. Best would be $1000 for now, unless they take payments of $100 on a MasterCard.

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So you need a bed and mattress? California King and Queen are the longest. I think 84 inches. But, really difficult and usually exoensive to find sheets. There is even a big bed, I dn’t remember what it is called. I guess it is for basketball players. You can always just out the mattress and box spring on the floor until you can afford a bed. A platform bed doesn’t need a box spring. Do you have a Macy’s near you? Go shopping in their furniture area (sometimes in a separate building) so you get familiar with your options. The basic metal “bed” to support a mattress and box spring is anywhere from free to $90 when you buy a mattress and box spring. That’s what I sleep on now in my apartment.

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