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Do you know anything about Brandt Beef?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) June 19th, 2008
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I know a little. I have been experimenting with different options for the meat in my diet. I do love beef but it is so laden with fat and other crap when purchased from usual sources like grocery stores and meat markets. I have substituted buffalo or bison for anyof my ground meat, but buffalo isn’t quite as satisying in other areas, like steaks. Soooo….I started looking to fill my need for good steak and found some beef producers who, through various methods, raise a better beef cattle. Two companies I have tried are Tallgrass Beef and Brandt Beef. Tallgrass Beef (which is owned an operated by the TV guy Bill Kurtis) raises nothing but grass fed cattle that are allowed out into fields with this special tallgrass and allowed to graze. I like the items I bought there, but I still find the ground beef to be to greasy. The steaks might have been a little more chewy but had a very wonderful flavor. As for Brandy, I think their method is similar to Tallgrass, but I think, if memory serves, that they do a lot with breeding and selection of the best cattle. I also think that their diet is grass and grain based but Brandt also grows their feed in pristine ways and reduces use of fertilzers. The meat was exceptionally good, probably better than Tallgrass. As it is with these types of companies, the prices are incredibly high compared with a butcher shop. I know they both have websites Brandt is here and Tallgrass is here

I must admit I am not completely sold on the more health benefit claims of either of these companies, but we must carry on in our search!

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