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Why don't my questions stay on my list where it says "questions"? and how do I open my closed diccussion?

Asked by Amo101 (151points) August 7th, 2013

I can’t seem to find my other questions after I finish writing them and when I do it says “This discussion is closed”
How do I reopen it and why doesn’t my questions stay?

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make sure you don’t make any spelling mistakes because if you do and they tell you too many times to fix it they’ll just close your convos. For example, always put ’‘I ’’ in a capital etc.

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If you want to see your previous questions, go to your profile (click on your name, or photo) and then click on “Questions”. If your question does not appear on your profile, then it has been returned to you for editing (if you gave a legitimate email address, you’ll have received a message), If you search and find a question that says “This discussion is closed”, it’s been rejected. Occasionally a contentious thread will be closed and you will see the same heading, but that’s relatively unusual.

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(And yes, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are valued required here.)

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oh okay thank you @Mp123 , @syz

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^ You do realize that I’m restraining my inner grammar Nazi from correcting your quip?

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