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Well, it’s Koko!

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I think you post the best videos. I always look forward to opening them. As for Koko, I think he’s amazing. So beautiful.

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No, I am not surprised. Gorilla’s show they are able to bond with their young and also to comprehend and dis[play empathy.

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Koko’s a she @Headhurts

I first heard about her in the 70’s. I’m glad she’s still around. That video is so cool..could you imagine just hanging out with a gorilla, watching TV?

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@Dutchess_III Thanks for the correction. She’s still beautiful.

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She made history for sure!

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I’m Koko crazy now. Just watched the Youtube video of Koko with All Ball (the kitten). Sooo cute.

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I think she was angry with the radio bleeps and the photography and she turned her back to face the crowd… it was a ” down in front! ” look.

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She speaks in sign languages @Headhurts. She can tell you what she wants to eat, what she likes and doesn’t like, she can tell you how she feels. it’s fascinating.

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I am amazed that Koko understands the context of the scene and signs about mother, sadness and love.

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She was taught sign language starting when she was a baby. She’s 40-something now.
She can also tell you when she’s hungry and specifically what she would like to eat. She can tell you how she’s feeling, too—happy, sad, sick, whatever.

You can read about her here(gorilla) It’s truly awesome.

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Cute. Poor Koko.

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