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Does Anthony Weiner have a mental disorder?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 7th, 2013

I am not a psychologist.

But then again, I am not a physician, but I know that if people have a fever of 105 degrees and they are puking and convulsing, they must be sick.

He demonstrates what simply MUST be symptoms.

He takes pictures of his dick and sends it to women he really does not know. He calls himself Carlos Danger.

He gets caught doing this, is humiliated, and quits Congress. He runs for Mayor of NYC and, lo and behold, keeps doing it.

He alienates self respecting male and female voters, who are bewildered by his childish narcissism, in a profession that relies on popular approval.

He alienates seniors by calling his 69 year old opponent “Grandpa”

And he does all of this while being married to a smart, ambitious and beautiful women, for whom he clearly has absolutely no respect.

Seriously, if I was not committed to an equally smart, ambitious and beautiful woman, I would be calling his wife and saying “I promise I can do better”.

Anyway, is this a disorder? What is it?

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Narcissist immediately comes to my mind.

And what is Huma thinking? Does she have self esteem issues?
No jury in the world would convict her if she cut his weiner off while he was sleeping.
At least she was smart enough to not take his name.

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I believe it’s called “Spoiled brat syndrome”.

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It’s one of the boxes you are required to check to run for office in NYC.

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Whatever it is, he shouldn’t be in office.

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Not personally acquainted with the man, I can’t possibly give an accurate diagnosis of his mental well being, but from afar it’s clear that he’s a daft cunt of epic proportions.

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I agree he is probably is a narcissist. I also do not think he is attractive at all. His face, I’ve never seen his other body parts.

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Weiner. LOL

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I’m not so quick to label any and every quirkiness a “mental disorder”. This is a guy who has a huge opinion of himself and a rather stupid set of behaviors.

Does that make him diseased? No. It makes him like 99.9% of all of us – a little quirky.

Stupidity is not sickness.

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Not a mental disorder per se, just a very warped sense of entitlement.

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He is obviously delusional. Will anyone admit that they plan to vote for him? Maybe he’s staying in the race because of some fundraising rule or something. I don’t get it either.

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I think he is staying in the race because he thinks since he has this campaign money at his disposal to spend as he pleases, why not. Not saying it’s logical, but I just think he figures he has nothing else to do, so spend this cash, and then when he loses, then he’s on to Plan B. He makes the local news interesting. Good looking? Not in my book. Mentally ill? I can’t say as I’m not a mental health professional. His dick? I don’t think any dicks are sexy. I like them better when they’re hidden behind a nice pair of jeans.

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I have been wondering about how his wife feels about his sexual ‘shenanigans’, it makes me wonder if he cares about her at all? It does seem that he doesn’t care about how she feels & if that is the case, then her best bet would be to divorce him (although I have no idea how that would go over with her religion – I think that she may well be a Muslim), but if she is an American citizen, it seems like something she should be capable of doing. I would definitely NOT vote for Weiner for Mayor or any other political position. He seems to have an overly inflated ego, with delusions of grandeur about his body. In this day & age he should be aware that any photos or texts that he sends could easily end up on the internet – and yet he continues to send photos & texts to women he does not know…. it does make me wonder about his sanity.

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Not a mental disorder. Just gets off on sending those pictures. So, I’d call it severe immaturity. His actions seem more like a 17–24 year old.

That’s me.

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