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Would you rather have the power to be invisible and teleport at will or the power to read minds and fly?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) August 7th, 2013

Rules of answering -

1— Pick one of the powers and explain why.

2— Tell me your desired superhero name, if you have one in your mind.

3— To whom you’d disclose your superhero powers and tell me why? (Only one individual is to be chosen)

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I would love any of these powers, but teleporting and being invisible would be the best.
I would call myself Commander American Spirit, but most people would just call me Perv.

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Reading minds and flying.

No name. And I tell no one.

The flying is a relaxing pastime to recover from the stress of reading minds. Not entirely sure what I’d use my secret mind reading powets for, but I bet it would be profitable.

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1. I’d rather have the invisibility and teleportation power set. Invisibility seems to have more applications than mind reading, especially given that you could find out a lot about what people really think by turning invisible and then hearing what they say when they believe no one is around. And as exhilarating as I’m sure it would be to fly, teleportation seems a more efficient means of personal transport. If I really need to feel the wind rushing by me, I can go skydiving or something.

2. None. I’d do my good deeds anonymously.

3. My wife.

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1. Invisible and teleport. There would be too much chatter to listen to if I had the power to read minds. That would drive me crazy. I felt invisible many times when I was growing up (youngest of 6 kids will do that to you), so I think I could handle being invisible.

2. I don’t need a name. I’m invisible.

3. My husband. He’d be the best person to share this with because he’d have some really great ideas about how to use my superpower. He’s also my best friend. No-brainer for me.

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I fly so often in my dreams that I wouldn’t find that unusual. Being able to read minds might be interesting, but I’ve always worried about being in a crowd and all these minds to read would be a challenge. Could you direct your mind reading on specific minds, or would you have to get to ALL the minds in your area?
So I’d have to choose teleporting and being invisible. It would be fun to stop fights and bullying. Lord Ididndoit would be my name.

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Not to be contrary, but can I go with invisible and fly?

If not then Mind reading and flying.

Sure, teleportation would be great but to be able to fly over the mountains and valleys and take in the views…...........

As for the invisibility, I would just prefer to be not seen than hear all the mundane chatter of human thoughts constantly.

On the flip side, you could make some pretty good cash reading minds, but I guess you could do the same being invisible.

Who would I tell? Probably my wife, how else would I be able to explain the absences?

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Be invisible and teleport. Mostly, so I could steal things. And fuck reading people’s minds, I bet that gets depressing. I’d rather just have money. But flying would be cool, for sure. Like, if I could go 5749320 mph like in Dragon Ball Z. Otherwise fuck it. I’m not a butterfly.
Super Hero name; VikingButterfly.

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We talking line-of-sight teleportation (like Nightcrawler) or unlimited teleportation. And, can I carry one or two people along while teleporting??

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Invisible and teleport. I’d carry out assassinations of anyone I thought deserved it. Yes, this does require some degree of moral hubris, but whatever.

I’d call myself The Redeemer.

I would tell my faithful sidekick, who would have the ability to fly and read minds.

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I’d quite like to wield the power that allows me to answer a question without any rules…kapowww!

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rapid teleport is equivalent to flight.

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besides, think of all the banks I could rob.

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Invisible and teleport.

I can’t think of a superhero name. I am thinking that I would keep it very private so I would just be little ol’ JL who happens to have some unique abilities.

I might tell nobody. My instinct is to tell my husband, because he is the person I tell everything to, but maybe it is better to tell no one.

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LOOK! Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its a, uh, nevermind, its nothing.

Still working on the theme song.

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It would be awful to able to read minds..

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I want teleporting. You can call me “Free-Vacation-Man”. I would tell @anniereborn because she’s one of my closest friends and the first place I would teleport to would be her place.

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I would NOT want to be able to read minds!

I wouldn’t really care to be able to teleport, since I don’t wan to go alone to the places I’d want to teleport to. I mean, who wants to hang out in Africa all by themselves?

I would like to be invisible.

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Look at me! I’m invisible! Oops. Wrong one.

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That’s better. Thing is, I can only answer when the stripe is blue or I lose my powers. This is going to be a trip!

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@Dutchess_III I think I’ve managed to perfect it!

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No colored stripe can stop me now!

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Somebody else say something so I can have a blue stripe.

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Thank you Dutchess.

@SavoirFaire How you do that???

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According to the file name, (transparent_20square_profile.png) @SavoirFaire is using a transparent, rather than a white or green (on my screen) square for his avatar.

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I guess @SavoirFaire can be Invisibleman, because he thought of it first. Therefore, I can be his sidekick, Invisibleboy. ;-p

And now I’m going to teleport my unseen self to bed!

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Should have changed the filename…

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In other news, I think I’ve proven that I deserve the powers. You know, just in case this was a test and @Tbag was looking for someone to turn into a superhero.

Because that would be awesome.

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I thought of it first! @SavoirFaire just made it more better.

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but can you guys teleport?

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Yes. Watch me.

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@Symbeline How else could I get from question to question so easily?

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I am an invisible, teleporting unguent and I can read your mind.

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