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Why did the Romans abandon Scotland?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) August 8th, 2013 from iPhone
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Lousy restaurants, cold climate, no one spoke their language, and they were vulnerable to the adhesive on scotch tape.

This wouldn’t be homework, would it?

Seriously, there are any number of reference source on the web (and in libraries) that outline Ancient Britain and the Roman Conquest and withdrawal. Start by googling “Scotland History” and you’ll have a very rich set of pages to pursue.

You might also look into Hadrian’s Wall, Antonine Wall, and the Picts.

There’s lots of stuff to be found.

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It’s not homework, I’m interested in why the Romans left Scotland because I love history but I couldn’t understand Wikipedia.

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It was way too expensive to conduct a war against such formidable odds, so far away. The hit and run type warriors of the north, plus the rulers in Rome grew suspicious the apparently false claims of victories and battles. There was a lot of infighting among the Roman generals and other leaders who grew increasingly greedy. With the populace complaining about taxes being misused, there was no support for continuing the conquest attempt.

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Supply lines. It’s always supply lines. That’s probably the primary reason.

Aside from that, it’s always difficult to take and hold hill and mountain territory as an invader. The land, the lochs – and the damned ornery Scots themselves – tended to favor guerrilla warfare and tactics. That’s another reason that no one conquers Afghanistan: not Alexander, not the Romans, not the British in their heyday, not the Russians and now not the Americans.

Of course, another reason might be that once you’ve visited for awhile you probably just want to go home again, too. Which applies to Scotland as well as Afghanistan.

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What @YARNLADY and @CWOTUS said, that and there really wasn’t anything there worth fighting for anyway. No large towns or cities to exact tribute from, nothing worth the effort.

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Scared away by Pictish blue penises?

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Poverty, mostly. This far-flung corner of the Roman Empire was too costly to maintain,and soldiers defected because they weren’t getting paid enough.See, the Roman Empire never recruited natives to manage a particular region because the risk of political dissent was too high. So the Roman soldiers who defended Britain were mostly from the south and east of the Empire. Some of them had taken wives and settled here with their new families, but many simply wanted to go home.

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They met Gordon Ramsay. They immediately fled like the wind.

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Read about Hadrian’s wall.

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@ragingloli – lol that might be why they abandoned Scotland because I would if that was the case.

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@RockerChick14 the weather had a lot to do with why Scotland was abandoned. The Romans posted on Hadrian’s wall were accustomed to a Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern climate. They must have been so miserable up there in the Borderlands.

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