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Can you often guess the user from the answer, before you scroll to name?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) June 19th, 2008

I am sure that I am predictable and have a pattern. I see it in some others. The writers who are unpredictable, quirky and original give me a lot of pleasure.

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Anything having to do with cats or Milo, also including proper English…I know it’s you.

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@beast:Hrmm, I think of myself as having a slightly larger repertoire than that but maybe I am deluding myself.

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It’s a rare occasion I’ll know who it is before I read the name. Random acts of hilarious obscenities is usually JP.

Only other person I pick up on is you gail, for correcting every little mistake/typo people make.

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@Uber; trust me; I have let myriads dozens of whoppers go by. And I have stopped doing that since other younger and more energetic users have been picking up the baton.

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maybe I am just visually oriented but I tend to see the avatar before the response so it kinda ruins this question for me. Good description of johnpowell above.

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I could pick out kevbo without the name/image.

shit fuck

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I can usually tell who it is. At least from the users with 2000+ lurve.

(And gail… you have a Much larger repertoire than just cats and grammar… though I do always look forward, in particular, to your cat posts. The amusing stories of milo are endless.)

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I always know- and enjoy JohnPowell.
Shilolo I can tell by the clarity and depth of knowledge.

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@Delirium; I would like to have one calm, uneventful week w. Milo – no adventures, no heart attacks (mine), no odd regurgitations (his) – I am faithful, loyal, and obedient -even tho he seems to be going bald, (and I am not).

I am at his side and at his beck and call; I don’t correct his spelling; I let him go to the toilet in private even tho he comes in to watch me; I didn’t even laugh at him after the latest administration of Frontline made his gelled hair look like an also-ran on American Idol.

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That’s hilarious, Gail. I love that you don’t correct his spelling… “no, that’s me-ow!”

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I have the same approach as playthebanjo, I mostly look at the pictures.

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Nope I don’t heh. Guess the avatar gives it away as well.

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People change avatars and many still use one of the jelly collection.
sussurus defenestration

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I can usually tell, but sometimes a change of avatar throws me off.

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The wandering breeze
Whispers; why am I inside?
Out the window, then…

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That was awesome, breed. Thanks.

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We had a fun time that day!

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A lovely haiku.
Why is it relevant? Are
you being quirky?

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Just taking “sussurus defenestration” and running with it. ;^)

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WTF is with. The secrecy!! I’m totally drunk now!!!!?let it loose dudes!!!!!!

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@Wild, is it drunk Fluther day?

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@Knot: Aha! Since I am always sober, I can’t blame my dim-wittedness on beer.

I wrote sussurus defenestration to balance JP’s “shit fuck,” which garnered him a GA.

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