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Spoiler Alert: What are your thoughts on the film, "The Wolverine?"?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) August 10th, 2013

Personally I had initially thought the old man brought Logan to Japan to protect his granddaughter and that was giving him enough purpose in life to live through. The whole, “Obediah” type set up part kind of killed the mood for me and was so cheese ball.

Anyways, how did you enjoy the movie?

What do you make of bringing Xavier back from the grave?

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I enjoyed Wolverine. It had all the depth and darkness you might expect from a story based on a comic book graphic novel by Frank Miller. It wasn’t an epic story, like the X Men series or X Men Origins Wolverine, but a private story about Wolverine. And seeing him at Nagasaki was great.
Xavier’s return was hinted in the end of X Men The Last Stand. After the credits, you see a hospitalized comatose man (referred to in the same film), awaken, with Patrick Stewards voice. If he had this ability, I am not sure why he comes back still in a wheelchair.

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Dang it, I missed that part about Xavier at the end of the credits didn’t I-?

A few comic book fans I know didn’t like much the first Wolverine and also this one. They won’t accept the fact that comic book characters can’t exactly be translated on the screen the way it was on the page.

Anyways, I don’t read the comics so I’ve known this character only from the movies. I think it wasn’t great like the first Keaton Batman or Nolan’s Batman Begins but I would say it was very good and can’t wait for the next installment. : )

Few critiques I do have. The second I saw that dead old man being brought out of his room in a gurney, I guessed that wasn’t his last scene. Disappointing for me to have been right. And yeah, that Obediah foretelling trope was so…( sighs )

But it was overall quite entertaining. I liked the character arc for Logan in this film as much as in his first solo film. Always felt he has this unfair disadvantage because he can heal so he isn’t in any real danger most of the time. LOL So…I was pleased that in this one, they delved nicely into the what if scenario of him being vulnerable. Really vulnerable.

And it showed.

The manner the director and editor took time to show to us in about 5 second shots his painful and bewildered reaction, was quite commendable for me. I give it 3 stars out of 5.

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I have neglected learning Wolverine’s back story up until now, so I couldn’t complain about the possible inaccuracies of the plot. Overall, it was a pretty good story, and, well, I couldn’t complain about Hugh Jackman’s physique either, lol!

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@yankeetooter X Men Origins: Wolverine has all the back story you will need.

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@mazingerz88 Yea my comic book buds actually “enjoyed” the flick. There’ll never be a superb comic to screen translation! People need to accept this.

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