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What do Gribenes and Jewish food taste like?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) August 11th, 2013

Gribenes. Basically I am looking for good meat skins like KFC.

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Is there a site like for your area?

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Question has been edited so my first answer doesn’t make much sense any more.

Gribbenes are delicious but you will only find them in a Kosher Jewish deli if at all. They are generally made at home but you could search for a Jewish deli andask them.

They are delicious, especially on rye bread with schmalz and the onions they’re fried with. A childhood treat.

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Jewish food, in all its vastness, tastes very much like Italian or French food…difficult to describe in a few sentences.

Returning to gribenes. Make your own. it’s really easy. Buy an organic (or better, a kosher) chicken.Remove the skin. Then follow the recipe in the link you already provided. All you need is a cast-iron skillet, a stove top burner and a chopped onion.

And I have no idea what meat skins are.

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Mine doesn’t make any sense now, either. The original question asked about a specific restaurant, so I suggested a site like Yelp that has reviews from real people. We like use that site often.

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@gailcalled Like Bacon rinds, chicken skins, and the skin of other animals

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Chicken is poultry and not considered an animal.

How about getting out and doing something rather than hanging about here every night and thinking up silly questions that are easily answered?

Gribenes tastes very much like crisp chicken skin that has been sauéed with onions.

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Since I just had gribenes for the first time (only I called them cracklins), the memory is still fresh. They taste like heaven! The best part of fried chicken, all by itself.

As for other Jewish foods, I love matzo ball soup but can’t bring myself to even look at gefilte fish. It’s a mixed bag, just like any other kind of food is.

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How do you pronounce gribenes? gri-beans’ or grib en ess’? Or something else?

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My grandmother said “GRIB en (s),” rhyming with “ribbons.”

@augustlan: The French call gefilte fish quenelles and consider the light, delicate, creamy poached fish dumpling a delicacy.

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@talljasperman I like crispy duck skins I can only get them in my hometown of Jasper.

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