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Who is the most underrated indie band?

Asked by rockstar (675points) June 19th, 2008

I don’t necessarily mean indie as a style of music. I mean independent as in an unsigned band or one signed to an independent label. Some of my picks-Mute Math, Sleeping At Last, The New Frontiers, Vedera, And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Bright Eyes, Cursive, etc.

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Defiance, Ohio..

And all their music is free from here. It is acoustic punk.

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Neutral Milk Hotel

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Sleeping At Last is DEFINITELY at the top of the list. another band is The Format. they released one album on a “label” and then their newest one (Dog Problems) was released indie because their “label” rejected the new sound of the album. unfortunately, The Format is no longer a band, but they have 2 albums, an EP, a little live audio, and a DVD—all worth it!

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While I love Neutral Milk Hotel, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s would have to be my answer. It’s not so much that they’re underrated as they are unknown.

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Fleet Foxes.

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I agree about Sleeping at Last. I would add Rogue Wave as well. As far as I’m aware, they don’t get a whole lot of recognition, although they did have a song on the TV show Heroes, which is where I discovered them.

I don’t think Mute Math really qualifies as Indie, though. The whole Warner Music Group thing, you know? Major-label distribution is a good thing to have. :-) But it is true that Mute Math is under-rated.

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Guided by Voices. These guys started it all and so many kids these days haven’t even heard of them.

Just look at that list of albums…

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Lou Barlow / sentridoh

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I’d have to give another vote for Sleeping At Last, and perhaps Lydia should be another one considered.

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Death From About 1979 is freaking amazing.

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Neutral Milk Hotel is great.
for sure.
along with The Format as listed above.
but you should check out:

Blonde Redhead
Au Revoir Simone

they’re all great.
promise. ”)

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@aidje-you are right about Mute Math, I had forgotten about the whole Warner Bros deal. Glad to see a lot of Sleeping At Last fans. Has anyone seen them live? So, so good.

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Pelican. Unfortunately, their server crashed, so the site is shite, except for the online store. That’s odd.

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mute math rocks!

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hey, i mentioned both sleeping at last and the format above. they are both great bands to listen to as an entry to indie music. i know the postmaster said that he means indie as in “independent of a record label” not as in the genre, but i thought i’d add it just to clarify!

and while i’m at it, i can’t leave without giving props to the individual who suggested Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s. They’re an indianapolis band that just about anyone can like. i have “straight edge” indie friends who listen to it as well as friends who wouldn’t be caught dead with an “indie” album. ENJOY!

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Hayden and Jeremy Enigk Enough said. They aren’t bands, but they are indie and musicians. I also agree with Lou Barlow. Folk Explosion and Sebadoh are classic.

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Chutterhanban: I’ve honestly never met anybody else that has even heard of Margot. Exciting!

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Times New Viking

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How Dear and the Headlights, anyone heard of them?

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@lefteh – I have heard of Margot and what I’ve heard I thought was decent. Any of their stuff you could recommend?

Neutral Milk is pretty good but I get tired of them easily. The Decemberist’s are my favorite =D – but they seem to be getting more recognition.

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