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So what was your childhood plan to become a billionaire?

Asked by tenureandandlemons (159points) August 11th, 2013

How close did it get to succeed ?

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I thought the best way to make a billion bucks was to refuse troubling myself with answering every silly little question that came along.

I just can’t for the life of me figure why it hasn’t worked out.

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Billionaires were unheard of when I was a child. I planned on marrying a rich man, and I succeeded.

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I never dreamed of being a billionaire. I have no desire to have more money than I know what to do with. A lot of money comes with its own problems. I’d rather be comfortable at around $100–200K per year. It would be nice to enjoy life without worrying about money, but not have rich people problems. Money can’t solve everything, but having some helps.

I don’t know my plan for making six figures. I just know it’ll probably never happen. Not in my field of choice and geographical location, anyway.

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I wanted to write books and video games.

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I never had a plan, I just played in the mud.

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I have never dreamed of being wealthy. Wealthy people never seem very happy.

As a kid, I wanted to help people. I wanted to be either a doctor or a Ninja Turtle. On my days off, I’d be a Chinese contortionist.

The fact that I was neither a shelled reptile nor Asian convinced me that these goals were impossible.

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I idolized the likes of Bugs Bunny and Hawkeye Pierce as a child, neither of whom aspired to be rich. What they did succeed at was being the smartest guy in the room all the while thumbing their nose at the system around them.

I tend to be that. Not exactly a recipe for wealth — at least as of yet.

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I dreamed of being the site admin for Fluther. Those people live like kings and queens!

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I didn’t think of it in terms of money, but I thought I’d be a famous fashion designer. Which is pretty funny, now, since I’m about the least fashionable person I know. My other goal was to be a writer. That one is much closer to true, since my work does involve writing and editing. It’ll never make me a billionaire, damn it.

@filmfann Your Fluther site admin thinks you’re hilarious. :p

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Thinking of a man I would eventually marry, I only wanted him to have enough money to accomplish what he wanted to do with his life. I enjoyed the things he spent money on, but had no financial goals of my own. I had more than I ever imagined I would.

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Nope, my plan was to become self sufficient. Done.

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As a child I didn’t think about money at all, other than to be aware that we didn’t have much and my parents worried about it. I just took it for granted that I wouldn’t either.

Nobody aspired to be a billionaire then, though. Being a millionaire was being rich. There was even a popular TV series about people who received a surprise windfall from an unknown benefactor—a check for a million dollars. It was an incomprehensible amount of money. Today it won’t get you very far.

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As a young kid, my only plan was to get older so I could do what older kids got to do.

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I was never driven my money, that was our chauffeur.
My only ambition was to live life the best way I could & have shit loads of fun along the way.

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My plan was to marry a rich man. Didn’t happen. lol
As I grew older I realized that love was more important. At 40 years old I managed to find it. Yay me!

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Never had that as a plan.

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I wanted to design new car models for BMW.

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Obviously I was going to be a princess because I was going to marry Prince William or Harry. How successful was I? Well, I am not Kate Middleton.

After that I planned to be an Opera singer and had that ambition into my early twenties. I am still a singer and have odd ghigs here and there but I have no desire to make it a career. I’m not thick skinned enough for that.

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I never had a plan I just told everyone to be nice or when I was rich they wouldnt get a new house.
So now everyones waiting for their houses i promised while my wallet coughing out cobwebs.
xD gosh I really believed I’d be rich by doing nothing.
Gotta love that innocence.

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I was a naive little kid, and for whatever reason I thought about money a lot. (probably cause I didn’t have friends till high school)

My most common schemes were things like collecting cards, rocks, stamps, and coins. But not like actual collections people do eventually get money for, no I collected things like regular pennies, because someday they’d be old, and used stamps cause I didn’t really understand stamp collecting at all. I grew out of that phase and then started trying to sell things to my classmates, random things like pencil shavings that made cool shapes, toys I didn’t like anymore or candy you couldn’t get in the vending machine. (that’s probably why I had no friends back then)

Still even with all my schemes for money I never really aimed at being a billionaire exactly, just at having money to go buy new toys and stuff like that. By the time I left elementary school I’d grown out of those sorts of schemes and just settled into a life of being broke, content to think on that mystical point in the future when I would be rich. But I never made anymore plans on how that future was supposed to happen, I still don’t.

Sorry for the book guys.

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