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Mobile Fluther URL changed?

Asked by beast (1035points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I got a little surprise when I logged on Fluther on my iPod today. Now, instead of, it’s Anyone know why they changed it?

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Just how many mobile sites does Fluther have?

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I don’t know, but i went on Whois and searched fluther and i happen to find some of their subdomains =D, <—-Testing site? <——Website tracker? <——uhhh wtf?

@beast They might have redirected the link from “i” to “iphone” if they set up a script to determine wither or not your on an iphone, and if you are, it brings you to the “iphone” sub domain so it performs better. Maybe? It’s just a guess.

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It’s shorter, therefore easier to type on a mobile device?

jonno's avatar is quite interesting. It is pretty much a snapshot of Fluther as it was on 28 February (2008?), plus some test questions by the admins to test out new features.

You can even log in (I’m guessing only if you were a user at the time) and it will show your questions for you, etc, as it was then. I haven’t tried asking or answering a question there though.

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