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Beautiful bird. :) You can see the lateral line and general outline of the beak on the right. What is that?

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Gorgeous picture! Hoping to get a larger view, I clicked on it.
Now I need to wash my eyes.

Katniss's avatar

Wow! So pretty. I think I can see the beak, but I’m not positive.

gailcalled's avatar

HIdden under right shoulder.

syz's avatar

Cock-of-the-rock! (You can see the beak in this shot.)

Katniss's avatar

That’s a tiny beak.

gailcalled's avatar

Mlo here; He looks delicious.

Katniss's avatar

@gailcalled (Milo) Hahahaha

El_Cadejo's avatar

One of my favorite birds. This guy is my favorite.

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@uberbatman What type of bird is that?

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If I grow my hair long enough, can I hide my beak too?

Sunny2's avatar

I’d like a dress that color.

syz's avatar

@janbb Yes, as long as you join a band known as A Flock of Seagulls

janbb's avatar

@syz Yup, that would do it.

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