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Best advice for learning about the foundations of Unix/Linux?

Asked by paulc (2914points) June 19th, 2008

I’ve used all sorts of variants of *nixes over the years but I’ve really only ever learnt enough to get them to do what I need (and relied on people who know how to do the complicated stuff). I would really like to start learning about the foundations of the OS (stuff like how processes communicate with each other, that level) as I’m sure to learn a lot of stuff that interests me.

So basically I’m looking for advice on where to start but also perhaps any suggestions in terms of a distribution that would be possibly better geared towards this. I’m quite comfortable with users, groups, permissions and the general stuff. I’m not really interested in something like Ubuntu or Gentoo as they seem to be highly developed and, I suspect, much more complicated.

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This is my favorite Unix book. The Unix Admin Hand Book It will have the type of information you are looking for. You can probably go the library and pick up the first edition of the book as well. I did that for awhile but I eventually just bought the book.

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I have heard that the “Dummies” books are good as an intro but havent used them. I would rather just use YouTube or Google it for tutorials. Sometimes you can find excellent tutorials on iTunes as well (as podcasts).

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