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What do you call male ballerinas?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) June 19th, 2008

Ballereros? Ballerinos? Don’t just say Ballet dancers because that doesn’t cut it.

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A male ballerina is called a danseur.

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Gosh, I’d be pleased if “ballerino” was the right term. Looking forward to hearing from someone who knows!

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Haha can only imagine wot randy wrote!! On the actual answer as above “danseur” and “ballerino” seem to be the main ones!

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Haha, mine was pretty bad. I thought it was funny though. Can’t they just be called ballerinas? Women and men basketball players are both called basketball players, right?

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they are ballerinos. danseur comes from France.
ballerino comes from Italy.
ballet originated in both places and now we have different techniques associated with these areas.
therefore, both terms are correct.

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My guess is male dancer. A good friend of mine from HS went on to become a professional dancer, and I just checked out her company’s website. After reading the bio’s, calling the men “dancers” is still my best guess. Ballerino might be technically correct, but I don’t know if anyone uses it.

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I am a dancer actually. haha.
and we NEVER use those terms.
they’re just the legit ones.
we tend to just assume the term ‘dancer’.
from there we go on to specify our genre.
like: I’m actually a contemporary dancer.
a ballerino is an old-style term used to say a male ballet dancer.
most men nowadays just say they dance though.

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how about “male ballet dancer”
BTW Did you know that the Olympic team of US ballet dancers has just recently changed their policy on ballet dancers, they stated they will not let ballerinas dance on their toes anymore. Can you imagine why is that? They said they’ll recruit taller girls instead…

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Ballizzles, fo’ shizzle.

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@edmartin, you’re so frickin’ weird, man.

There’s no “Olympic team of US ballet dancers” as there’s no Olympic event in ballet!

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I think the current US Interpretive Dance Team is favored to take the gold in Beijing.

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@astro, the selection process is pretty stringent.

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If this is what it takes for a ballerina to get in to an academy – perhaps this is what it takes for a ballerinO to get in.

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Manerinas :)

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@robmandu your selection process link doesn’t work dude.
FYI The US Olympic team thing was supposed to be a joke only, but yeah I admit it I’m frickin’ weird

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A male ballet dancer is called a Danseur or Danseur Nobel if he is a principal in the company. This is excepted world wide not just in France. Otherwise, they are just called ballet dancers. Many people don’t know that the term Ballerina is used only for the top dancer in the company. Sometimes they are referred to based on their position in the company such as soloist or corps. de ballet. In France they are called Etoiles (both men and woman ballet stars.) The only place and time the word “Ballerino” is used is in Italy only because it is the male word in Italian. That is not a common or excepted term. You would not use that term in the States just as they would not use the English term “ballet dancer” in Italy. The reason for this is that almost every ballet term is in French. I hope that clears things up (:

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